Stroller Wagons: Wonderfold vs. Veer

Parenting is full of challenges, one of which is continuing to live a somewhat normal life after children. As much as everyone would love for parental leave to last forever, eventually, we all have to proceed with schedules and activities. 

The key to maintaining this is mobility. Being able to take your kids with you without a big fuss is so important, but it can be quite overwhelming. Between regular strollers, stroller wagons, and babywearing, there are tons of different methods of transportation for your little ones. All have their merits and benefits, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to choose.

As kids age, one of the best ways for your family to stay active is with a stroller wagon. Stroller wagons are a unique method of transportation that will make everyone in your family happy. As with any other product for families, there are tons of options to consider. Our two favorite stroller wagons are made by the Veer and Wonderfold wagon brands, two pioneers in the kids wagon industry. 

Why Does My Family Need a Stroller Wagon

If you have a larger family, finding an appropriate stroller might be a bit of a challenge. Double or triple strollers that accommodate two or three children are often bulky, wide, and difficult to maneuver. Stroller wagons can be a great solution to this problem, offering easy maneuverability even with three or four kids. 

Stroller wagons offer more freedom for your little ones than a regular stroller. Wagons for kids have more wiggle room for children who don’t like to sit still. While there are still safety measures that need to be taken to keep them secure, they can move around a bit more. 

Kids wagons are better suited for times when your children might be seated for a long time. Strollers offer one position, whereas a stroller wagon can offer several different seating options. With all that extra room, little ones can also bring along entertainment options: their favorite toys and stuffies can come along for the ride! Both the Veer wagon and the Wonderfold wagon have lots of room.

Finding the Right Stroller Wagon

Finding the best stroller wagon for your family can be tricky; there are tons of options out there, and all of them boast different features. Investing in a kids wagon is a big decision, but we’re here to help you sort out the best options. Our favorite stroller wagon options include: 

Both the Veer wagon and the Wonderfold wagon have tons of benefits and accessory options. Either option would be a great choice for families of any size! 

Things to Consider When Comparing Stroller Wagons

Though there is an endless list of things to consider when you’re buying a wagon for kids. You want your stroller wagon to be functional, but you don’t want to go overboard with unnecessary details.

Some of the most important elements of stroller wagons are: 

  • Safety
  • Wheel type
  • Aesthetic
  • Capacity 
  • Portability 

Safety of Kids Wagons

Just like with car seats, it’s important to consider stroller wagon safety when looking at different options. Fortunately, both the Veer wagon and the Wonderfold wagon have top-of-the-line safety features designed to keep your little ones secure.

Both kids wagon brands feature safety harnesses similar to those in a car seat to keep everyone seated. Just like with car seat guidelines, there are certain weight and height recommendations, so make sure you read all manufacturer instructions!  

Different Wheels for Kids Wagons

This one might sound strange, but definitely take a look at the type of wheels on any potential stroller wagon you might buy. Think about bike wheels versus the wheels on a shopping cart; one is made for different terrain types, and one is made only for the smooth surface of a concrete floor or parking lot. 

You want your wagon for kids to have all-terrain tires. That way, whether you’re using it as a beach wagon or trekking through a theme park, your stroller wagon can keep up without jostling your little ones too much. Both the Veer wagon and the Wonderfold wagon have all-terrain wheels that will accommodate any adventure. 

Aesthetics Matter

Once you have a good wagon for kids, it will come with you everywhere! That’s why it’s important to make sure you like the look of your kids wagon. If you have some huge, gaudy spectacle to take out everywhere you go, you’re much less likely to get it from your trunk. What good is a stroller wagon sitting in your trunk? 

The aesthetic options for both are stunning. The Veer wagon only comes in one color but has different side wall covers that you can use to change the look of your stroller wagon for any occasion. The Wonderfold wagon comes in many different colors and patterns, ensuring that you can get whatever strikes your fancy! 

Capacity of Stroller Wagons

Another hot topic of conversation with kids wagons is capacity! One of the major differences between the Veer wagon and the Wonderfold wagon is how many children they can accommodate. The Veer wagon holds two passengers, but the Wonderfold wagon has different options for two and four passengers. 

There are great benefits to both! If you only have one or two children and they are the only ones you tote around, there’s no reason to buy an unnecessarily large stroller wagon. However, if you have more children or often find yourself with extra passengers, perhaps a four-seater would be better suited for your situation. 

Of course, capacity greatly affects the size and weight of the stroller wagon. Keep in mind that as capacity goes up, there might be a few more steps to folding and storing your kids wagon. Additionally, pay attention to weight limits with larger-capacity stroller wagons. 

Kids Wagons Must Be Portable

One of the main points of kids wagons is that they support families on the go, so they have to be portable and easily maneuverable! Both wagons fold up quickly and efficiently to fit in the trunk of a car. Both brands also boast one-foot braking systems, making sure you’re only on the move when you’re supposed to be! 

The Veer wagon is lighter than the Wonderfold wagon of comparable size; it weighs in at 32 pounds, and the Wonderfold wagon comes in at 55 pounds. The Veer wagon also boasts a higher weight limit of 300 pounds, whereas the Wonderfold wagon’s limit is 200 pounds. 

Both wagon options are easy to maneuver and are perfectly portable, but you may want to consider weight when thinking about which is right for your situation. It’s also important to measure the back of your car before purchasing; make sure a folded kids wagon will fit with all your other trunk essentials! 

Veer Wagon Highlights

The Veer wagon is a cool, multifunctional kids wagon option for parents of one or two children. One of the things we love most about the Veer wagon is that it’s lightweight and extremely portable, complete with a one-handed fold option and quick-release wheels for easy storage. 

The Veer wagon can easily be pushed or pulled with its unique lockable handle. It can be pulled behind like a traditional wagon, but the handle can also be used to push in its locking position, just like a regular stroller. The handle on the Veer Wagon is also adjustable, so parents of any height can comfortably stroll in style. 

Your Veer wagon can also serve different purposes with attachments, like a bassinet for naps on the go with a safe sleep surface. It can also be used in cold weather with this luxurious shearling seat cover; your little one can stay snug and warm in their Veer wagon without ever leaving their seat! 

Wonderfold Wagon Highlights 

The Wonderfold wagon is the perfect solution for parents with multiples or babysitters who might be responsible for a larger number of children. The Wonderfold wagon offers flexible seating with the ability to recline, allowing your child to find the best, most comfortable position possible. 

If you need extra storage and organization, the Wonderfold wagon may be the best option for you. There are tons of pockets and compartments that come standard with the wagon, with the ability to add on more if you choose. Additionally, just about everything is adjustable, from the handlebars to the canopies. 

5 Essential Wagon Accessories 

Both stroller wagons offer different types of accessories that make traveling with your kids much more convenient. There are some wagon accessories that we think are essential, regardless of the brand you choose.

The five most important accessories are: 

  1. Canopy
  2. Bug shield
  3. Fan
  4. Travel bag
  5. Cup holders

Every Stroller Wagon Needs a Canopy

Whether you plan to be out in the sun or not, a canopy is a must. Little ones have extra sensitive skin that needs to be shielded from harmful UV rays as much as possible. The Veer wagon and the Wonderfold wagon have different sizes and shapes to ensure your child is well-protected from the sun and from strangers. 

The Veer wagon has tons of canopy options in different colors, so you can make sure you’re cruising in the color that matches your vibe. Wonderfold wagon canopies are adjustable to account for the height of your growing kids, so you’re winning no matter which brand you choose! 

Protection from Bugs

Kids wagons are most often used outdoors, and while a canopy provides great protection from the sun, a bug shield is also important! Unlike a canopy, a bug shield is a mesh, breathable fabric that still allows light through and allows your child to see out. 

No one likes bug bites on their little ones, and your stroller wagon can offer protection on those summer nights that seem to be swarming with mosquitos. Additionally, your snacks and drinks are safe from ants! We love this bug shield from Veer. 

Stay Cool with a Wagon Fan

Using your new cruiser as a beach wagon is fantastic; your children won’t have to walk on hot sand, and your towels and beach toys can stay organized! When your little one is in the sun, it’s important to keep an eye on the temperature to avoid too much sun exposure and possible heat exhaustion. 

A fan is a must-have for your stroller wagon! This misting fan can work with any stroller, car seat, and wagon and can even be handheld! Not only does it provide a breeze, but it also sprays a light mist to keep little ones cool. 

Bag for Easy Traveling

Once you get a kids wagon, you won’t be able to go without it. This includes traveling because you’re going to want that wagon convenience on every vacation from here on out. A travel bag is essential for any wagon owner. 

Both brands offer great travel bags, perfect for the back of your car, a train, or an airplane. They are padded where necessary to keep your stroller wagon safe and damage-free, but they are slim enough to still be convenient. The Veer wagon and Wonderfold wagon can be checked with your luggage on any airline, but be sure to check for extra fees before you board! 

Cup Holders for Endless Drinkware

Any parent can tell you there are never enough cup holders. Between baby bottles, water bottles, coffee, and that milkshake your child absolutely needed, it’s always a fight for cup holder space. We recommend you always buy extras and get more than you think you’ll need! These Veer Wagon Cup Holders are easy and affordable. 

Cup holders aren’t just for cups, which is why you may need even more. They’re great organizational tools. Your phone, keys, and baby supplies can be within arm’s reach without searching through a diaper bag. 

Investing in a Wagon for Kids

Initially, there may be a bit of sticker shock when beginning your search for a kids wagon. For the amount you will be able to use your stroller wagon, they are invaluable, and the investment is worth it ten times over. 

Whether you choose the Veer wagon or the Wonderfold wagon, both of these kids wagon options have great merit and fabulous accessories, making them a purchase that you’ll never regret. 

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