Best Seat in the House: The Benefits of Baby Carriers

When you have a baby, the only thing you want to do is soak up all those sweet newborn snuggles and rest. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an option. The postpartum period is chaotic. There are dishes and laundry galore, and oftentimes, new parents don’t always have the support they need.

What if we told you there was a way to get some chores done without ever putting that sweet baby down? That’s where babywearing comes in! Baby carriers will transform your postpartum experience and give you some of the freedom you need to keep up with your new routine.

What is Babywearing? 

BabyBjorn Grey Baby Carrier Free Ergonomic & Adjustable Infant Wearing
Babywearing is a special way of transporting your child using some sort of worn wrap or baby carrier; babywearing is becoming more popular, and for a good reason! Carrying around a fussy baby all day is exhausting, and baby carriers take some of the weight off of you, physically and emotionally.


There are infinite possibilities once you buy a baby carrier. You will be shocked at the connection you form with your baby and the amount you can get done at the same time! 

What Types of Baby Carriers Are Available?

There are dozens of options for baby carriers out there, but at Hazel & Fawn, we have it narrowed down to our three favorite styles:

  • Front baby carriers
  • Wrap baby carriers
  • Ring slings

Front Baby Carriers for Social Babies

Omni 360 Baby Carrier by Ergobaby

Front baby carriers are structured pieces, typically with some adjustable belts and buckles, that are worn on the front of the adult. Front baby carriers are great for babies to socialize and be able to watch the world around them.

Baby can usually face the adult or face outward in a front baby carrier, so you have great options! Our favorite front baby carrier is this BabyBjorn Free Front Baby Carrier, which comes in tons of colors and materials to customize your experience! Additionally, some front baby carriers can also be worn on the back, like this Omni 360 Baby Carrier by Ergobaby.

Wrap Baby Carriers for Newborns

Wrap baby carriers are typically long pieces of fabric that are wrapped and tied in such a way that creates a little seat for your baby. While older babies can use wrap baby carriers, we love them for the newborn stage!

Wrap baby carriers hold baby very close to the body and are extremely comfortable for the adult and the child. They are easy to store and come in one size, so your wrap baby carrier can fit anyone that wants to try it! Our favorite wrap baby carrier is this Mushie Baby Wrap.

Wrap baby carriers can be a little tricky to learn at first and might seem overwhelming. However, there are tons of resources and tips to learn how to tie your wrap baby carrier like a pro in no time.

Rings Slings for Older Babies

Kyte Baby Ring Sling

Ring slings are similar to wrap baby carriers but have metal rings to help secure them, so you don’t have to tie anything. Ring slings are great for front carrying and as a hip carrier! We love this Kyte Baby Ring Sling for new and experienced babywearing enthusiasts.

Why Should I Buy a Baby Carrier?

Babywearing provides a safe, comfortable environment for your baby while providing various health benefits, both physical and emotional.

The 5 best benefits of babywearing include:

  • Improved social development
  • Orthopedic benefits
  • Mimics the womb
  • Convenience and productivity
  • Staying active is easier

Social and Cognitive Development

Babies are social creatures, and being close to a loved one is great for their socialization skills and brain development! Especially when using a front baby carrier with baby facing out, they can see the world around them and take in all sorts of information, rather than staring at the sky in a stroller.

Comfort and Correct Posture

Most baby carriers are made to support good orthopedic development when worn correctly. They can help keep your baby’s hips aligned correctly and support their spine. Just make sure you’re reading all directions and have a proper hold! 

Wrap Carriers Mimic the Womb

Mushie Baby Wrap Swaddling Wrap

One reason we love wrap baby carriers is that they keep your child snuggled in close and tightly attached to you. This mimics the safety and security your baby feels in the womb. Wrap baby carriers are great for when little ones are sick or teething because they give that extra bit of comfort being so close to mom.

The Convenience of Baby Carriers

Besides all the cuddles, the most exciting thing about babywearing is how much more convenient it is for your productivity. With the proper support, you can continue to do laundry, dishes, and other household chores without ever putting your baby down!

Being an Active Mom

Staying active as a new parent might feel impossible, but babywearing is the perfect solution. Utilizing a wrap baby carrier or a front baby carrier while walking or even doing lightweight lifting is a great way to get some movement in. You won’t have to worry about pushing a big stroller around; just strap baby in and go!

Safety Tips for Baby Carriers

There are safety guidelines to follow when babywearing. First and foremost, make sure your baby carrier has no obvious signs of wear that could cause malfunction. To ensure proper positioning, make sure baby’s head is close enough to kiss without bending down.

Always make sure the head and neck are supported, but make sure baby’s face is clear to avoid any risk of suffocation. To make sure you have proper hip support, your baby’s legs should make an “m” position, almost like they are doing a little squat. Finally, make sure their spine is in a nice C curve and avoid slumping.

Gifting a Baby Carrier

A wrap baby carrier or a front baby carrier are both phenomenal gifts. Gifting a baby carrier for a baby shower is always a great idea to prepare for the newborn stage. Gifting a wrap baby carrier or front baby carrier is a cute idea for Valentine’s Day, so mom can be even closer to her littlest love.

Baby carriers are perfect for anyone with a little on one the way. Wrap baby carriers, front baby carriers, and ring slings are all phenomenal choices and will make any parent and baby happy as can be. 

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