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Introducing the ultimate baby carrier for beginners‚ the BabyBjorn Free! This Baby Bjorn carrier is best for new parents and those wanting to get into babywearing without any idea where to start. The BabyBjorn Free is ultra-simple to put on and take off, plus it‚Äôs designed so you never have to wake your sleeping baby to transition.

Like other BabyBjorn carriers, the Free model is ergonomic for both parent and child. This BabyBjorn carrier is specifically designed to support the back, legs, and hips of newborns and young babies. Everything is adjustable – from the seat area to the waist and shoulder straps, the entire carrier is customizable so you can get the right fit for your little one, even as they rapidly grow and change in their first few months! 

The BabyBjorn Free carrier is perfect for newborns and doesn’t require any extra insert. From there, this BabyBjorn carrier can support babies until about 15 months old, or 26.5 lbs. This beautiful babywearing option is designed to be used for long sessions and features padded shoulder straps and back supports for you and a wider seat for your baby. Feel free to use this carrier on even your longest adventures! 

Features of the BabyBjorn Free carrier include:  

  • Three wearing options: facing out, facing in, and back
  • Minimalist Scandinavian design to go with anyone‚Äôs style
  • Gentle materials safe for baby‚Äôs delicate skin
  • Best for babies under 26.5 lbs.
  • Two-part design makes it easy to remove the child with little disturbance

New parents everywhere are crazy about the BabyBjorn Free carrier because it takes the guesswork out of babywearing and is functional, stylish, and safe. Overall, this BabyBjorn carrier is a must-have for any parent who wants to keep their baby close and comfortable while staying on the move. Grab one of these top-of-the-line baby carriers for new parents so they can experience true luxury in babywearing.