What to Give a New Mom for Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day to celebrate L-O-V-E. What was a highly anticipated holiday during courtship and those early days of marriage can feel completely different after Baby arrives. Let’s be real: sometimes it’s hard to feel attractive after giving birth, and closeness can feel like a thing of the past. Suddenly new moms find themselves with bags under their eyes, stinky armpits, a pooch they didn’t have before, and more makeup-less days than they’d care to admit.

But all moms are beautiful. Period. End of statement. They brought a bundle of joy into this world, and that is cause for celebration! It’s easy for new moms to get swept up in the daily duties of taking care of a new infant, and sometimes they forget to take time to celebrate themselves. If you have a special new mom in your life, here are some great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts that will make her day (or week or month or year!).

Make Outings Easier


Getting out of the house can be a challenge for new moms – especially if the new baby has older siblings. Making her trips to the park or the grocery store a little easier is a superb way to show her that you care.

  • Stroller: Your stroller can make or break your outings, so if the one you currently have is subpar, you might consider giving her a new one. This stroller has a shock-absorbing suspension (which makes for a smooth ride), and its lightweight design with undercarriage storage makes it perfect for trips to the store or park.
  • Carrier: A baby carrier lets her get things done around the house while getting extra snuggles in. This carrier is organic and Oeko-Tex certified with butt and hip support for both parent and baby. A sling ring is another option for keeping the baby close during day-to-day activities.
  • Stroller Accessories: Accessories like a mosquito net, storm cover, or footmuff can put a mom’s mind at ease that her babe is safe and comfortable no matter the weather. Additionally, a stroller organizer has spots for water bottles, sippy cups, snacks, and sunglasses, and a sibling board is the ultimate stroller accessory that lets older siblings ride along.

Remind Her Often

New moms go through a lot of changes in the first year after Baby is born. The raging hormones, sleep deprivation, and shape-changing body can make her forget just how beautiful and amazing she is. Here are a few gifts to help her remember:

  • Jewelry: A thoughtful piece of jewelry is one of those things that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. A pair of pretty earrings or a new necklace are great ways to help her feel fancy again. If she chose to breastfeed, you might look into getting a piece of breastmilk jewelry made for her. It doesn’t get more personalized than breastmilk jewelry, which is made from pumped or expressed mother’s breast milk, and there are so many beautiful options on the market these days.
  • Pajamas: Another option is a new pair of comfortable pajamas or a robe. Her ratty sweatpants from college may be her go-to, but a new pair of PJs can feel like a luxurious treat (without the calories). Whatever you get her, make sure that it is machine washable.
  • Love Notes: Valentine’s gifts don’t need to be fancy or expensive – a simple note telling how much you love her and how beautiful she is can go a long way.

Date Night

Believe it or not, date nights are possible with a new baby, but you have to plan for them well in advance. Surprise your significant other with a gift card to her favorite restaurant and pre-arrange the babysitting. If getting out of the house isn’t an option, you can always put together or buy a date box with a snack and a few fun activities.

Be Thoughtful (and Practical!)

changing bag

Sometimes the best gift is a little bit of practicality. New moms are incredibly busy, so anything you can do to make her life easier is going to be a hit. Some ideas for practical gifts are:

  • Slip-on shoes – ain’t nobody got time to bend over and tie shoelaces anymore!
  • Sunglasses to hide bags under eyes
  • Stroller cup holders are so convenient, and they encourage hydration
  • Food subscription service, so she doesn’t need to worry about dinner
  • Coupon book with chores for when she needs a break
  • A new changing bag that can clip onto the stroller and double as a backpack
  • A wet bag is a fantastic gift to keep those soggy cloth diapers from soaking her purse or diaper bag
  • A pacifier case is another excellent choice because it keeps those pacifiers clean and handy

Alone Time

Infants require a lot of care, and really short or skipped showers might happen more often than she’d care to admit. Show her you care by giving her a little bit of time alone to pamper herself. Some gift ideas include:

  • Spa day (or just time to take a long shower)
  • Gift card to get her nails done
  • Coupons for an extra nap or sleep-in morning
  • Massage gift card or look up YouTube videos on massage techniques and practice on her
  • Nail polish, hand scrubs, and face masks in her favorite colors and scents
  • Fancy tea, coffee, or snack gift packs

The new mom in your life deserves to feel loved every day of the year, but especially on Valentine’s Day. By taking some time to buy or make a thoughtful present, you show her that you appreciate her and find her as sexy as ever, even if she struggles to see it herself occasionally.

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