Happy Jellycat Thanksgiving from Hazel & Fawn

There’s a chill in the air, can you feel it? The seasons are changing and so is our Jellycat collection. The leaves are turning, and harvest time is almost upon us, Thanksgiving too! Whether your family celebrates or not, this time of year tends to conjure up visions of warm and cozy fires, steamy sweet drinks, comfort meals with family and friends, and the earth going into hibernation for the season. We have some stuffed animal friends that feel the same way, and we’d like to share them with you! 

Scooting through the tall grass and piles of leaves, you’ll find some of the most delightful little stuffed animal critters.  Say hello to the Brambling collection! We have Brambling Mouse in its pumpkin house, Brambling Pig in its juicy apple abode. Brambling Squirrel in its beautiful blackberry and Brambling Hedgehog in its riveting raspberry! Each Brambling stuffed animal comes with their own sweet home. They can live tucked in tight to their cutesy quarters, or out and about for the playtime.


Jellycat Brambling Animals


Next we have The Forest Fauna Bear! This precious pal is perfect for your child’s playtime. What a great little stuffed animal to help your children learn about local wildlife! We here at Hazel & Fawn are big fans of our local wildlife, and we hope to share some of our enthusiasm with you. Forest Fauna Bear comes complete with its very own tree home. A sweet little brown bear and a cozy conifer to snuggle up in all winter long. This Forest Fauna fellow is the forever friend that your kiddos will love!  

Jellycat Forest Fauna Bear

No season is complete without some Wild Jellycats including Amuseable Acorn, Squishy Squash YellowSquishy Squash Green, and Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin. How can one say no to those tiny smiles and teensy feet? Each Jellycat has a personality of their own; which one will fit with yours? Amuseable Acorn is a woodland rascal, always pulling shenanigans! Squishy Squash Yellow and Green are cheeky little things; full of joy and excitement. Vivacious Vegetable Pumpkin is ready to play tag all through the pumpkin patch! Fun-loving and sweet, each stuffed animal is truly a treat.

Jellycat Stuffed Animals

We’re bursting with Bashful Bunnies! With so many colors to choose from, we decided to show you some of our favs! The perfect sized rabbit friend, Jellycat’s Bashful Bunny is suitable for all ages. Bashful Golden Bunny is the best butterscotch buddy. Bashful Plum Bunny has the prettiest purple fur. Bashful Mineral Bunny has a vivid teal hue and Bashful Forest Bunny is the evergreen bunny of your dreams! Jellycat Bashful Bunnies make for great adventure pals as well as the softest snuggle buddies. Long floppy ears and soft pink noses, these darling rabbits are a great gift for the littles in your life.  

Jellycat Bashful Bunny

Looking for something for an infant that isn’t quite ready for playtime just yet? Jellycat Soothers are the way to go. A small stuffed animal attached to an ultra soft blanket to sooth and comfort your baby all day long. With a variety of designs to choose from, we thought we’d help narrow them down for you. Bartholomew Bear Soother is a tiny toffee bear attached to a cracking soft blanket. Bashful Bee Soother is a buzzing good time. Ultra soft deep brown and golden yellow, this tiny bee does anything but sting. Bashful Beige Bunny Soother comes in a muted beige and is perfect for your sleepy babe! Those silly bunnies can’t play all day, they need nap time too.  

Jellycat Soothers

Hello Hibernating Homies. Jellycat’s Hibernating Stuffed Animals line just screams autumn time! Offering five oh so cute options, you’re sure to fall for at least one of these sleepy stuffies. Each Hibernating pal comes with a sweet sherpa bed that the little animal can snuggle into. Is your Hibernating stuffed animal not sleepy, no worries. Each Hibernating animal is completely detached from their beds, offering optimal play opportunities. Do you want a bunny? Or how about a turtle? Hazel & Fawn has them and more. Use these little furry friends to teach your child about hibernation, and embark on a wildlife adventure of learning all about their favorite animals.  

Jellycat Hibernating Animals

Something about Thanksgiving and autumn makes us think of soup. Nothing quite satisfies like a piping hot bowl of your favorite soup when its just so chilly outside. Pretend play isn’t complete with out a little cooking time! Jellycat Vivacious Vegetables can help you there! With such a wide variety of veggies to choose from, your child can ignite their imagination and make the Best. Soup. Ever. Just a few of our recent favorites are Vivacious Sweet Corn, Vivacious Bok Choy, and Vivacious Vegetable Eggplant. Oh! And we can’t forget about Vivacious Vegetable Radish or Vivacious Vegetable Beetroot! Nothing warms us up like nice warm bowl of borscht on a rainy day! What types of soups and stews does your family favor? 

Jellycat Vivacious Vegetables

Here at Hazel & Fawn, we wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving and fall season! 

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