Jellycat Bear

Jellycat Bear

The Jellycat Bear collection features bears of all shapes and sizes! Whether you’re looking for a classic teddy bear or a unique stuffed friend, this collection has something for everyone! From snuggly brown bears to bumbling pandas and warm polar bears, Jellycat has you covered.

Since its founding in 1999, this UK-based company has prided itself on making unique, quirky stuffed toys for everyone. With high-quality materials and craftsmanship, these plushies are made to be forever friends. 

Chose from our selection of Jellycat bears, including:

  • Brown bears
  • Panda Bears
  • Polar Bears
  • Koala Bears

Brown Bears 

Looking for a classic cuddly teddy bear? Jellycat’s Bartholomew Bear would be the perfect choice! You can also choose from Woody, Bumbly, Rufus, Cocoa, or Maple Bear for that timeless look. 

Want to put a silly spin on a classic? The Campfire Critter Bear comes with an adorable yellow vest so he can follow you on your outdoor adventures! Enzo Bear has an adorable long face, Forest Fauna Bear comes with his own little den for hibernation, and the Little and Wee Bear have tufted, super soft fur.

Panda Bears 

Jellycat Pandas have adorable faces and super soft fur for the best cuddles! The Bashful, Harry, Mellow Mallow, and Montgomery Pandas are ready to make the perfect naptime or playtime companion. When you’re ready to party, the Jollipop Panda will bring the fun with his yellow pom-pom party hat!

Polar Bears 

When you need to snuggle up, Perry Polar Bear or Edmund Cream Bear will keep you warm! These stuffed animals have soft white fur, cute little noses, and are super snuggly. They would be the perfect gift during the cold winter months.

Koala Bears

For a truly unique stuffed bear, look no further than Jellycat koalas! The Bashful Koala and Benji Koala have soft grey fur and big floppy ears that are sure to delight.