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Tuck your little one in for a good night’s sleep with the cozy comforts of the Kyte Baby Sleep Sack TOG 2.5. Offered in an array of colors, the stylish and convenient Sleep Sack provides a safer sleeping alternative to using a blanket in their crib.

The Kyte Baby Sleep Sack TOG 2.5 offers an ultra-soft feel and keeps baby warm during those cooler months. The convenient design makes slipping your little one in and out hassle-free.

Additional Specs:

  • Interior and exterior are lined with a gentle, anti-microbial rayon from bamboo
  • Allows your baby's legs to relax and remain slightly bent, promoting good hip development
  • Double zipper allows parents and caregivers easy access through the top or bottom of the Sleep Sack.

Parents love the softness of the Kyte Baby’s Sleep Sack TOG 2.5. The quick access for diaper changes and ample leg room make this colorful Sleep Sack an essential for every little one. No more fussing in the middle of the night. Your baby will sleep snug and sound with freedom to wiggle about.

When style and comfort meet the practical needs of parents, you know it’s a must-have. Bundle your baby in the warmth and comfort.

*The TOG rating system measures warmth while calculating how quickly a fabric uses heat. This is the standard when selecting the appropriate sleeping bag for your baby and should depend on the ambient temperature within their nursery. We recommend bundling baby in a thicker TOG during cooler months and a thinner TOG during warm months.