Why Do Children Love Stuffed Animals?

Everyone remembers that special furry friend they had growing up, whether it was a little puppy who was so well-loved he only had one ear left or a magical monkey that joined you on all your outdoor adventures. Stuffed animals play a special role in the lives of children everywhere. 

At Hazel & Fawn, we strive to stock the very cutest stuffed animals for your little ones to love forever. From Jellycat stuffed animals to Slumberkins stuffed animals to Bunnies by the Bay, we have the best plush toys around. 

Why Kids Love Stuffed Animals

There’s actually a lot more to children loving stuffed animals than one might think - they’re cuddly and soft, but all the cutest stuffed animals also provide tons of cognitive and developmental benefits for kids.

Stuffed animals can help children with tons of things, but our five favorite benefits are: 

  • Comfort and security
  • Emotional expression
  • Role-playing 
  • Responsibility 
  • Sleep companionship

Are Stuffed Animals Comforting?  

Stuffies often provide comfort and a sense of security to kids. Their softness and familiarity offer solace during times of stress, transition, and uncertainty. Research suggests that little ones form deep emotional bonds with their stuffed animals, which can help calm them, regulate heart rates, and ease tough emotions. 

During times of transition, it’s helpful to have a furry friend by your side. For example, a big move or starting a new school might be stressful for children, but during all the chaos, their cutest stuffed animal will always be steady and in their control. Stuffies can also help with things like doctor’s visits, so your little one won’t be as distressed while receiving their care. 

Learning Emotional Expression through Stuffed Animals

Children will use stuffed animals as a means of expressing their emotions and developing empathy. Through imaginative play, kids project their own feelings onto their furry friends, using them to communicate thoughts, fears, and dreams. They can help your little one learn to talk about their emotions. Children usually find that stuffed animals are great, non-judgmental sounding boards, so they are free to explore and process feelings.

There are also stuffed animals designed to help work through emotions and develop emotional expression, like this Maple Fox Snuggler from the Slumberkins stuffed animals collection that teaches little ones about family change. 

Role-Playing and Social Skills

The cutest stuffed animal friends are also valuable tools for social skill development and role-playing. Children typically assign certain personalities or traits to their stuffed animals, which helps them learn to navigate social interactions. 

It also helps develop their imagination with limitless options for play. We love make-believe animals or crazy stuffies for imaginative play, like this Bo Bigfoot from Jellycat stuffed animals. Whether they’re attending a stuffed animal wedding, throwing a tea party, or traveling the world, their stuffed animals will help develop their social skills early on. 

Learning to Care for Animals

As children grow older, taking responsibility and learning how to manage household tasks is important. Stuffed animals are a great place to start if you hope to teach your child about taking care of an animal. Pets can be a huge responsibility, so why not get your kid a Jellycat stuffed animals cat or dog when they’re begging for a pet? Once they have proved they can take care of their stuffie, perhaps they’re ready for the real thing. 

Stuffies as Bedtime Buddies 

Bedtime is one of the best times to snuggle up with your cuddliest, cutest stuffed animal. Little ones who might be a little frightened of the dark can take comfort in knowing their friend is there with them to help protect the bedroom. These companions provide that sense of structure and routine that’s so important for kids. 

A great stuffed animal companion can help children feel relaxed so they drift off to dreamland in no time. Bunnies by the Bay stuffed animals are some of the softest, most comforting around, and we love them for bedtime friends. 

Our Cutest Stuffed Animal Brands 

The best and cutest stuffed animal brands are those with high-quality, fun, and friendly companions.

Three of our favorite brands for the very cutest stuffed animals are: 

  • Jellycat stuffed animals
  • Slumberkins stuffed animals
  • Bunnies by the Bay

Silly and Fun Jellycat Stuffed Animals 

Jellycat stuffed animals were born from a creative group of designers in England. The Jellycat stuffed animals brand aims to create unique, funny, and sometimes odd stuffies for kids. From unconventional creatures from the Amuseables line, like a Coffee-To-Go Jellycat stuffed animal, to a realistic Birdling Blue Tit, Jellycat stuffed animals takes plush friends to the next level. 

Slumberkins Stuffed Animals Teach Kids Lessons

Slumberkins stuffed animals are some of the most unique sets available. Many of the Slumberkins stuffed animals come with books aiming to tackle tough emotions and problems that little ones face every day. For example, the Hammerhead Shark Slumberkins stuffed animal is a fan-favorite – it comes with books addressing anger and how to work through those feelings. 

Another Slumberkins stuffed animal favorite is the Maple Bigfoot with self-esteem books. In the books, this sweet Slumberkins stuffed animal struggles with their self-worth because of their large stature and big feet. However, the genius designers and artists at Slumberkins stuffed animals have made tackling these tough subjects just a little bit easier. 

Bunnies by the Bay for the Cutest Stuffed Animals

The children’s brand Bunnies by the Bay is one of the sweetest brands you’ll ever come across. Bunnies by the Bay creates ultra-cuddly, realistic stuffed friends that your little one will carry with them wherever they go. Because they are incredibly soft, fluffy, and sweet, these little stuffies are the perfect first best friend for babies and young toddlers. 

One of the standout features of Bunnies by the Bay products is their exceptional quality. Each Bunnies by the Bay stuffed animal is meticulously crafted with attention to detail using soft, luxurious fabrics that are both safe and durable. Bunnies by the Bay stuffies are charming, gentle, and irresistibly adorable. We especially love Moo Moo the Cow and the sweetest little Wee Nibble Bunny from Bunnies by the Bay

Your Child’s Stuffed Animal Collection

Whether you’re choosing a sweet, comforting stuffie or a wacky, unconventional Jellycat stuffed animal, having these soft companions by your child’s side has tons of benefits. Next time your little one is begging for a new stuffed animal, remember that they can help with cognitive function and social development and might even be your child’s new best friend.

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