Happy Holidays from Hazel & Fawn

That wonderful time of year is almost here! Christmas is just around the corner. While Jellycat stuffed animals are perfect gifts anytime of year, receiving a soft, squishy stuffie at Christmas just seems a little more special. We here at Hazel & Fawn would love to help you choose just the right one for your loved one this year.

There tiny tweets are extra sweet. Say hello to Jellycat Birdlings Dove & Cardinal. Not to sound too corny, but these little stuffed animal birds really do flutter into our hearts. Fitting into the palm of your hand, these sweet birds are lovely tiny treats for your littles this year.

 Jellycat Birdlings Cardinal & Dove

Are you looking for Christmas themed stuffed animals? Look no further; welcome Jellycat Amuseable Wreath & Amuseable Wreath Gold. Their tiny smiles and itty bitty corduroy feet are sure to bring smiles to all. And we can’t forget about Jolly Gingerbread Fred! Available in two sizes, this crazy cookie makes the best play pal. Amuseable Gingerbread House is a wonderful addition to your child’s collection, not to mention Jolly Gingerbread Fred’s favorite place to stay.


Christmas decorating doesn’t feel quite finished without a pretty tree decorating the home. We have you covered; Jellycat Large Amuseable Blue Spruce Christmas Tree or Large Amuseable Christmas Tree are just what you need. Featuring a sparkly star on top, the littlest smile, and soft green “needles”, these Jellycat stuffed animals are sure to accompany your Christmas decor in every way.

 Jellycat Amuseable Christmas Tree

This time of year brings in colder weather here in the northern hemisphere. That sometimes means snow. While snow might be chilly to play in outside, it can be so much fun inside. Jellycat stuffed animals would love to help you have as much fun as possible. We would love to tell you all about our snowy friends! Large Amuseable Snowflake is cheery and refreshing while Lenny Snowman is dapper and daring!

 Jellycat Amuseable Snowflake & Lenny Snowman

Little Sacha Snow Tiger may be small, but don’t let that fool you. Hours of fun come bounding out of Sacha, keeping your littles entertained during those dreary snowfalls. Dragons aren’t stuck in fairytales anymore; Jellycat Snow Dragon soars through the snowflakes, making it back just in time for a nice hot cup of cocoa.

 Jellycat Little Sacha Snow Tiger & Snow Dragon

Are you looking to gift more than just a stuffed animal? Jellycat Merry Mouse pairs perfectly with their very own book. Merry Mouse’s Christmas Eve is a story that details all of Jellycat’s Merry Mouse’s adventures in fun holiday musings.

 Jellycat Merry Mouse Wreath & Book

The sparkly snowfalls and chilly temperatures don’t just mean Christmas is near, winter is in full force here in Montana. High up in the mountains, deep in the forests, you can hear whispers. Whispers of something strange, furry, and HUGE! Is it Bigfoot? I guess we’ll never know. But in the mean time, to keep your imaginations alive and thriving, we’d like to introduce you to Bo Bigfoot and Yani Yeti. Two extra goofy and fun play pals that encompass everything seasonal!

 Jellycat Bo Bigfoot & Yani Yeti

Someone else seems to be snuffing around the snow laden forests this year; it’s the dynamic duo, Rufus Bear and Bartholomew Bear. These two snuggly brown bears are such a treat. They love bounding through the snow one last time before settling in for their winter hibernation. Why not bring these two into your home for some bedtime snuggles?

 Jellycat Bartholomew Bear & Rufus Bear

While the sweet little brown bears are getting ready to snooze the winter away, Nozzy Polar Bear’s fun is just beginning! New from Jellycat, Nozzy Polar Bear is ready to spring into action and help build the tallest snowman around. Need a little help with that snowman, why not call over the best little helper around. Jellycat’s Ditzi Penguin! This silly bird enjoys nothing more than playing outside with it’s Polar Bear friends!

 Jellycat Nozzy Polar Bear & Ditzi Penguin

Wintertime tends to conjure up images of sugarplums and fairies too! Or is that just us? Jellycat Nutcracker and Nutcracker King are lovable additions to your Jellycat collections, especially when paired with Sugar Plum Fairy Mouse. Have your littles act out The Nutcracker Ballet with these sweet and soft plushies from Jellycat.

 Jellycat Nutcracker, Nutcracker King, & Sugar Plum Fairy Mouse

We can’t leave out Santa and his reindeer! Jolly Santa and Crimson Santa are new to Hazel & Fawn this year and we couldn’t be more excited. Along with Santa follows the flashiest reindeer you ever did see. Large Tawny Reindeer and Tawny Reindeer. With glittery antlers and a lush fur coat, Tawny Reindeer is sure to make a statement. Rolbie Reindeer is a crowd favorite here at Hazel & Fawn, and how could he not be? Just look at that adorable roly-poly body and teeny tiny legs? So so cute!

 Jellycat Santas and Reindeer

We hope we’ve inspired some fun and fresh holiday gift ideas for you this season, from the chilly city of Missoula, Hazel & Fawn wishes you the happiest holiday season!

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