How Sleep Sacks Can Transform Your Baby’s Nights

As parents, the safety of our children is typically our first concern. Whether we’re researching safe sleep, the best car seats, feeding information, or clothing, there are tons of resources available.

It can often be confusing to bounce between so much information, but making a choice for your baby doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Hazel & Fawn is dedicated to providing factual information and high-quality products that will bring comfort to your little one and peace of mind to your home.

High-quality baby sleep is one of those things everyone seems to have an opinion about. Some might have sleep tips that end up being outdated and dangerous, and our intuition just doesn’t give us all the information we need. Fortunately, we have a plethora of knowledge and great sleep products that will have your baby snoozing in no time.

How Can I Be Sure My Baby is Getting Quality Sleep?

Baby Wearing Kyte Baby Sleep Sack TOG 0.5 in Fern

There are many ways to tell if your child is getting quality sleep: interest in their surroundings, adequate eating, and even wiggling around are all signs! Typically, babies who aren’t getting adequate sleep will be lethargic, seem groggy, and will have trouble eating as they should.

If you find that your child isn’t showing signs of adequate sleep, it could be due to many things! A great first step is to check on current safe sleep guidelines and make sure you have any products you may need to successfully change up your nighttime routine. 

Safe Sleep Tips

Safe sleep guidelines evolve as we learn more about babies and their sleep cycles, so always make sure to keep yourself up to date!

Our 3 top safe sleep tips are:

  1. Keep baby on their back
  2. Have baby sleep on a flat, empty surface
  3. Put baby in a swaddle or sleep sack

Back is Still Best

Remember that the safest sleeping position for babies is always on their backs. This ensures that your baby’s airway remains open and unrestricted. Babies placed in bed on their sides or bellies are in danger of suffocation. Note that when baby gets to these side or belly positions on their own, that’s just fine, but you always want to start them off on their back.

Empty, Flat Sleep Surfaces

Sometimes different sleep surfaces become popular and trendy, but always make sure they are perfectly flat and firm. Additionally, even though lots of kids love their stuffed animals and blankets, make sure they stay out of the crib at night. Anything other than the baby and their sleep clothes should be out of bed.

Swaddles and Sleep Sacks

Kyte Baby Sleep Sack TOG 2.5 in Midnight

Parents everywhere know the wonders of the right sleeping gear! For newborns, swaddling is the most efficient. Once babies grow and their sleeping patterns change, sleep sacks are the way to go. All varieties of sleep bags can be helpful, and choosing the right one for you shouldn’t be difficult!

What Is a Sleep Sack?

Sleep sacks, or sleep bags, are transitional pieces of sleep clothing that bridge the gap between newborn and toddler sleep stages. They’re usually placed over the baby’s pajamas, depending on your preferences. Sleep bags are essential for peaceful nights after the newborn phase, and Kyte Baby makes a plethora of great sleep sack options.

The main difference between a sleep bag and a swaddle is the way a baby is positioned inside. Sleep sacks allow for arms to be out instead of swaddling them close to the body. This allows your child to stay warm and cozy without bulky, unsafe blankets. Kyte Baby makes sleep bags with zippers or buttons, so choose what you find more convenient!

Additionally, sleep sacks are usually closed on the bottom but have some wiggle room. This allows baby to find their ideal sleeping position and move their legs around. They are still contained and warm but can kick and reposition as needed.

When Should I Use a Sleep Sack?

Kyte Baby Sleep Sack Tog 2.5 in Charcoal

There are several ways to tell if your child is ready for a sleep bag. For many parents, this transition happens around three months old.

3 important things to look out for before purchasing a Kyte Baby sleep sack are:  

  1. Baby can roll from back to front
  2. The infant is too hot
  3. Arms aren’t contained anymore

Rolling Over Unassisted

This is, perhaps, the most important thing to look out for before transitioning to a sleep bag. If your baby can suddenly roll from back to front, it is no longer safe for them to be swaddled for sleeping. If their arms become trapped under them, it can pose a serious safety threat.

Once babies begin to roll, they need their arms and all their strength to ensure they are not trapped on their bellies with little or no air circulation. Sleep bags free the arms and help eliminate safety issues.

Keeping Temperature Right

If your baby is showing signs of being too hot at night, it might be time to consider sleep bags instead of swaddles. The ideal sleeping temperature for babies is somewhere between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your child is waking up with flushed cheeks or is sweaty to the touch, they are likely too warm. A handy chart is available to help you determine what weight is the best option for your Kyte Baby sleep sack.

Swaddles Can’t Contain Arms

If your baby is breaking out of their swaddle every night, a sleep bag may be necessary! Kyte Baby makes sleep bags with and without sleeves, ensuring that you can help your baby find their preference for comfort and temperature.

Choosing the Right Kyte Baby Sleep Bag

Kyte Baby Bundler Gown

Kyte Baby is one of the best companies for sleep bags on the market today. Kyte Baby makes all their products with bamboo, making them very soft and breathable. There are also many colorways certain to match any aesthetic!

For hot summer months, we recommend the Kyte Baby Sleep Sack TOG 0.5. For cooler months or if your house doesn’t have the best heat, a higher weight may be necessary. The Kyte Baby Sleep Sack TOG 2.5 is perfect for keeping your baby nice and snug. If your baby prefers an option with attached arms or for newborns that really dislike swaddles, this Kyte Baby Bundler Gown is the answer!  

Sleepless nights should be a thing of the past. Kyte Baby sleep bags provide comfort to little ones while providing peace of mind for parents that their baby is in the safest sleep conditions possible.

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