Choosing the Right Weight for Your Baby Sleep Sack
A  Kyte Baby sleep sack, also known as a baby sleeping bag, is a sleeveless, wearable blanket designed to regulate your baby’s body temperature without the need for any extra blankets in their crib. Keeping your baby comfortable - but most importantly - safe throughout the night! Your baby will be able to move and kick in a baby sleep sack just as easily as if they were under a normal blanket but unlike a normal blanket, they will never wake up cold from kicking it off in middle of the night.  Sleep sacks are also a great cue that it’s time for sleep! They can be used for naps and bedtimes alike and can easily be incorporated into your sleep time routine.  


What TOG rating is best for my baby?

TOG stands for Thermal Overall Rating. The TOG rating conveys the thermal resistance of the garment - in other words - it will help indicate how warm the sleep sack will keep your baby! The higher the rating, the warmer your baby will be. 

Wherever home is, the temperature is ever changing and knowing exactly how to dress your baby for bedtime can be a daunting task for any parent. With the TOG rating you can easily determine which TOG makes sense for your lifestyle and for your baby. 
  • The lightest weight that Kyte baby offers is the 0.5 TOG. This weight is ideal if you live in a warm climate (75-81°Fahrenheit) and your baby only needs a light layer over their pajamas during the night. 
  • Next up is the Mid-Lightweight 1.0 TOG, this weight is ideal for chillier nights and moderate climates (69-74°Fahrenheit).
  • The warmest TOG is the 2.5, a much cozier yet breathable option for colder climates (61-68°Fahrenheit). 



Every sleep sack length and weight can easily be layered over your little ones favorite pajamas!

Room Temperature


  • 75-81°Fahrenheit / 24-27°Celsius


  • 69-74°Fahrenheit / 20-24°Celsius


  • 61-68°Fahrenheit / 16-20°Celsius




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