Happy Halloween from Hazel & Fawn

Trick-or-treat! With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to stock up on all the spooky Jellycat stuffed animals.  We have some absolute treats for you this season, and maybe a few tricksters too. 

Grumpy but good, we’d like you to meet Grizzo Gremlin. Bright apple-green fur paired with a mischievous smile, Grizzo Gremlin is sure to make a splash in your child’s collection. But watch out though, this little gremlin in known to hide keys!

Jellycat Grizzo Gremlin


Halloween season tends to conjure up images of spooky bats and boy do we have you covered! Welcome the Wrapabat from Jellycat. Available in brown and black, these little bats are too cute to pass up! These sweet bats have foldable wings that attach together with velcro dots.

Modeled after real bats, these little fellas could be a great educational tool for introducing local ecology to your children. Numerous bat species are found in all 50 states! What kind of bats do you have? 

Are your kiddos learning about Greek Mythology? We are here at Hazel & Fawn and Jellycat has the perfect pal to help us along the way. Seraphina Pegasus! This dreamy dark blue plushie is too beautiful to pass up. Her dark colors help her blend into the starry night sky as she soars over the tick-or-treaters this year. 

Eeeek! Spiders in anoraks!? Yes indeed! Welcome Jellycat's new arachnid additions, Anoraknid Spiders in Black and Brown. These little critters are anything but scary. Two of the sweetest stuffed animal spiders you ever did see; all wrapped up snuggly in their tiny anorak coats! 

Jellycat Anoraknid Spiders



Did you see something soaring across the moon? Perhaps it was Jellycat's Onyx Dragon! Mighty and mystical, this absolutely gorgeous stuffed animal dragon is such a treat to have in the family. With extra soft deep black fur and sparkly wings and horns, Onyx Dragon is sure to make an everlasting impression. Onyx Dragon is available in three sizes, sure to fit your family's needs. 

Jellycat Onyx Dragon

Grrrr....what was that!? It's Jinx Monster! The newest addition to Jellycat's collection of über cute monster stuffed animals. With Jinx, Luda, Zeke, and Gibbles, your kiddos are sure to have some pretty amazing adventures! Deep in the woods the monsters love to frolic and play! What adventures are your littles ones preparing for?

Jellycat Jinx Monster


Jellycat Monsters 


Is celebrating Halloween not on the agenda for your family this year? That’s quite alright too! Jellycat has released some scrumptious mushroom and veggie plushies that can be fun for all ages! Jellycat Vivacious Vegetable Mushroom is just too darn cute! Vivacious Vegetable Mushroom just so happens to pair wonderfully with these veggies from Jellycat! Check them out here! 

Jellycat Vivacious Vegetables Mushroom, Onion, Carrot, Leek, and Beet

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