Choosing the Best Kyte Baby Sleep Sack

When you have little ones, sleep is so precious. Not only is it absolutely essential for the health of your baby, but it’s equally important for parents. Practicing good sleep hygiene and getting a great routine is a recipe for successful sleep for your baby. 

When it comes to providing your little one with a safe and cozy sleep environment, Kyte Baby sleep sacks have become a go-to choice for parents everywhere. These adorable and functional sleep sacks offer a snug and comfortable solution for ensuring your baby gets a good night’s rest. 

Our Best Baby Sleep Tips 

When babies are getting adequate sleep, there’s no limit to the adventures you can have during the day! Babies generally sleep the best when they have a solid routine to rely on.

Five of our best tips for establishing a great routine and developing proper sleep hygiene are: 

  1. Use a white noise machine
  2. Turn a fan on 
  3. Ensure baby is on a flat surface
  4. Do bathtime every night
  5. Don’t use blankets or loose sheets 

White Noise for Good Sleep 

To help drown out any other household sounds and keep their sleeping environment peaceful, try using a white noise machine. White noise is generally a low, consistent noise that comes from a machine. The gentle sound mimics the familiar sounds your baby is used to in the womb and promotes relaxation. 

Fans While Sleeping are Key 

Not only will it help keep the room cool and air circulating, but using a fan in a baby’s room decreases the risk of SIDS. Babies have a bigger percentage of their bodies exposed during the night, so their temperature is hard to regulate. They usually thrive in cooler rooms, and keeping a fan on can keep your little one at a comfortable temperature. 

Establish a Flat Sleep Surface for Your Baby 

One of the most important concerns for safe sleep is sleeping on a flat, enclosed surface. Letting your little one sleep on the couch or bed without supervision can lead to rolling and potential falls. Wedge pillows and similar devices are unnecessary, and the safest sleep surface is a flat one. 

Make Baths Part of Your Bedtime Routine 

To help your baby get into the sleep mindset, try taking a bath at the same time every night. Taking a bath and brushing teeth in the same order each night is a great way to get relaxed and start establishing that oh-so-important routine. You can even try using baby-safe essential oils, washes, or lotions made for relaxation to calm your baby and get them ready for snoozing. 

Avoid Blankets and Flat Sheets 

To keep a safe sleep environment, avoid having any blankets or flat sheets in your baby’s crib, as they become choking and suffocation hazards. That’s why Kyte Baby sleep sacks are so perfect for little ones while they sleep – they provide a warm, cozy blanket-like feel without the risk of injury since the baby is zipped into it. 

Why Choose Kyte Baby Sleep Sacks

Kyte Baby sleep sacks are not only cute and soft, but their different varieties, fits, and weights can help your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. A good Kyte Baby sleep sack might just be the difference between a disruptive or peaceful night’s sleep. 

Kyte Baby was developed by an expert on all things baby - a mom of five! In a search to help her daughter with skin issues sleep better, she stumbled upon bamboo clothing. Bamboo is cooler than cotton and is hypoallergenic, making it the perfect material for a baby to get good quality rest. 

When choosing the best sleep sack for your little one, there are several things to consider.

Three things to think about when choosing a Kyte Baby sleep sack are: 

  1. TOG rating
  2. Sizing
  3. Style of sleep sack

What are TOG Ratings? 

TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is used to measure the warmth of a certain product. It’s a way to measure the weight and thickness of a garment. The higher the TOG rating, the heavier the garment will be. This is important when it comes to Kyte Baby sleep sacks because a different weight might help your little one sleep better. Some kids prefer a light, airy feel, while others love a little bit of weight while they sleep. 

TOG ratings go from 0.5 to 2.5. The 0.5 TOG is perfect for warmer environments and babies who prefer cool rooms when they sleep. You can use just a sleep sack at night if your baby is a warm sleeper, or you can use thin pajamas underneath. The 1.0 TOG is the Goldilocks of the sleep sacks. It’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold. Generally, 1.0 TOG is rated for around 69-73 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The heaviest Kyte Baby sleep sack is the 2.5 TOG. This is great for places with super cold winters or if you like to keep the temperature low at night! The heaviest TOG rating is the most like a big, fluffy blanket while still maintaining safe sleep. 

Finding the Right Size Kyte Baby Sleep Sack 

Choosing the size of your sleep sack is easy because the sizes are congruent to those of babies’ clothing sizes. Your baby should have plenty of room to move their legs around if they want, and the sleep bag shouldn’t be terribly tight on their belly. Finally, the arm holes should be big enough to prevent any circulation issues with your baby’s arms. 

Styles of Kyte Baby Sleep Sacks 

In the time shortly after you stop swaddling your baby at night, we recommend the Bundler Gown for a great night’s sleep. The sleeves are perfect for keeping that wrapped-up feeling that your little one craves while also keeping arms free for safety. It’s also a great transitional garment for those who are just learning to sleep without being swaddled. 

This 1.0 TOG Kyte Baby sleep sack is the perfect everyday sleep sack. It features cozy bamboo fabric and a double zipper, so you never have to worry about quick and easy access for diaper changes during the night. If you’re seeking this style but live in a colder environment, this 2.5 TOG Kyte Baby sleep sack is a great option. 

No matter which style or TOG you choose for your baby, a Kyte Baby sleep sack will make a world of difference in their sleeping patterns. They will drift off to dreamland in no time, and your family will be happier and healthier with a well-rested baby! 

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