Wonderfold Accessories

Wonderfold Accessories

Enter the versatile world of Wonderfold wagon accessories.  Customize and upgrade your favorite stroller wagon.  All accessories are designed to enhance your wagon’s performance and make all your adventures easier and more fun! Wonderfold  accessories feature modern designs that offer hassle-free installment for quick and easy upgrades to your wagon.

All products are made to accommodate families of all shapes and sizes. The brands goal is to make outdoor adventures more accessible, and they knock it out of the park! With wagons and accessories made to help you organize and keep your little ones comfortable, your family can’t go wrong with Wonderfold!

Experience the best, most convenient upgrades for your stroller wagon with Wonderfold wagon accessories, including:  

  • Wonderfold Wondertote
  • 2-in-1 Cup & Phone Holder
  • Canopy Fabric with UV Protection

Wonderfold Wondertote

With the Wonderfold Wondertote, your W-series stroller wagon can become even more versatile, believe it or not! It’s called the Wondertote for a reason – it can hold up to 50 lbs. and has a super-deep compartment perfect for anything from groceries to beach supplies. It installs with a quick snap and has grips on three sides for maximum security. With the Wondertote, you’ll never have to compromise space for your little one and your belongings ever again.

Canopy Fabric with UV Protection

Wonderfold has succeeded yet again in making the highest-quality, safest stroller accessories for your family. Your worries about sunburn and skin issues can be put to rest with this UV Protected Canopy for your Wonderfold stroller wagon. This W-series wagon accessory is a breeze to install and will keep your kids safe from harmful UV rays. Whether you’re heading to the park, beach, or just on a stroll around the neighborhood, Wonderfold has you covered!

Experience the upgrades and convenience of Wonderfold stroller wagon accessories!