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Premium Toys for Toddlers

In today’s electronic age, it’s easy to forget how important physical toys are to a child’s learning. While smartphones and tablets offer parents a much-needed break by distracting children, actual toys for toddlers and babies play a critical role in brain development.

Playtime is an essential part of learning about the world. That’s why Hazel & Fawn offers a variety of safe and engaging toys for toddlers to help children with their social, mental, and physical development. All of our heirloom wood toys, pretend play, stuffed animals, and more provide children with the tools they need for growth. We proudly feature hand-crafted toys for toddlers and babies from some of the leading manufacturers, including Holztiger, Jellycat, Plan Toys, Sabo Concept, and Milton & Goose.

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Exciting Wooden Toys for Toddlers

Wooden animal toys and other wooden toys for toddlers are a great way to introduce your child to the joys of pretend play. Our safe and natural baby toys for sale will allow your child to explore every aspect of their imagination. Whether it’s a wooden animal toy or another selection, you’ll know how much of an impact a high-quality toy has on your child’s learning.

Buy Holztiger Toys Here at Hazel & Fawn

Hazel & Fawn are proud to feature premium toys from Holztiger. Holztiger is a leading toy manufacturer based in Hochdorf, Germany. Founded in 1978, Holztiger produces a range of wooden animal toys sourced from sustainably managed forests throughout Europe. All of their toys use natural oils, stains, and water-based colors that have been certified to be non-toxic. Make sure to check out our extensive selection if you’ve been looking to buy Holztiger toy animals.

Natural Baby Toys You Can Trust

With more and more big-box retailers offering toys made from plastic, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to shop for natural baby toys. Yet, here at Hazel & Fawn, we’ve curated a large inventory of natural baby toys for sale that are free from harmful chemicals and components. Parents interested in providing only the best toys for their children should check out our extensive inventory of wood animal toys, blocks, stuffed animals, and other items.

High-Quality Baby Toys for Sale

If you’ve been searching for engaging baby toys for sale or to buy a Holztiger toy animal, look no further than Hazel & Fawn. We’ve carefully selected all of the toys currently available, ensuring they are safe for any child to play with. When it comes to providing your child with imaginative and exciting toys, Hazel & Fawn is a premier choice for parents across the country.

Once you’re done shopping for toys for your toddler or baby, don’t forget to check out our extensive selection of books too! Storytime is a great way to start teaching your child the wonders of language and spark their imagination. Hazel & Fawn has a diverse range of books that will entertain and educate your child.

We are proud to help parents buy safe and nurturing play for their children. If you have questions regarding any of our products, feel free to contact Hazel & Fawn today!