Jellycat Fox

Jellycat Fox

Introducing Jellycat Foxes! These orange, fluffy friends are ready to join your little one’s greatest imaginative adventures! With super soft fur, bushy tails, and friendly faces, your little one will love a stuffed fox.

Founded in 1999, this brand prides itself on its unique, quirky designs and high-quality materials and craftsmanship. These stuffed animals are built to be forever friends. These plush animals have stolen hearts worldwide, and a fox friend is ready to swipe yours!

Choose from our collection of Jellycat Foxes, including:

  • Classic Foxes
  • Foxes with a Twist!


Looking for a classic plush fox with a timeless aesthetic? This brand has plenty of options! The Beckett and Bashful Foxes sit up with a shy expression and squishy, cuddle-able body! If you want a smaller option, the Jellycat Tumbletuft Fox is all that! The Jellycat Smudge Fox, with its extra soft fur, is delightfully floppy and silly.

Foxes with a Twist!

If you want a unique, quirky fox that’s sure to make your little ones giggle, look no further! Harkle Fox has big ears and is super skinny and goofy. Ambrosie Fox has chubby cheeks and a chubby belly for great cuddles. The Jellycat Cordy Roy Fox has a unique corded texture and big white feet. For bite-sized cuteness, chose the Wee Fox, Little Pets Fox, or Hibernating Fox!