Jellycat Dinosaur

Jellycat Dinosaur

Aspiring paleontologists unite! These plush dinosaurs are perfect for little ones with an interest in dinosaurs and fossils! These green reptiles are soft and cuddly and make perfect companions for playing or relaxing!

Founded in 1999, this brand values unique, quirky designs that are sure to make you fall in love. These plushies are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure your little one’s stuffed friend lasts through all their wildest adventures. 

Choose from our selection of Jellycat Dinosaurs, including:

  • Fossily Dinosaurs
  • Bashful Dinosaur
  • Backpack Friends
  • More Dinos!

Jellycat Fossily Collection

The Fossilly Collection has a variety of dinosaurs, so every child can find one to love! Pick from a stuffed trex with tiny arms and a long tail or a plush stegosaurus with soft spines. There’s even a stuffed triceratops, brontosaurus, and pterodactyl. Your child’s imagination will come to life with a stuffed dinosaur of their own!

Bashful Dinosaur 

The Bashful Dinosaur has a shy expression, chubby body, and big nose. He comes in two sizes or as a soother with his own little blanket! This plush dino is perfect for little ones who love dinosaurs but want a more cartoony look.

Backpack Friends

The Backpack Dinosaur Friend is a great travel companion! With a goofy row of teeth, super soft fur, and a backpack of its own, he’ll keep your little one company on errands and adventures. 

More Dinos!

Huggady Dino, Boyd Dino, and Douglas Dino all make great playtime or naptime friends! They’re super versatile with soft fur and a plush body. They can ignite your little one’s imagination when it’s time to play and soothe them when it’s time to rest.

Pick up the perfect stuffed dino friend for your little one and watch their imagination come to life!