Jellycat Cow

Jellycat Cow

Introducing the udderly adorable plush cows! These bovines will be a great addition to your little one’s toy box! Pair them with a stuffed horse or chicken and your child will have a whole farm family to spark their imaginative play!

Since 1999, this brand has made it its mission to design quirky, unique plushies with high-quality material and craftsmanship. This UK-based company makes the softest stuffed animals around that are durable enough to be forever friends.

Chose from our selection of Jellycat Cow Stuffed Animals, including:

  • Carey Calf
  • Bashful Cow
  • Herbie Highland Cow
  • Amuseabean Highland Cow

Carey Calf

This stuffed cow is the classic black and white calf! Carey Calf has super soft fur, little brown hooves and horns, and an adorable pink nose. He’ll be the perfect fit for your little one’s imaginative play, whether it’s a barnyard or a field! Carey Calf is the perfect companion for playtime and naptime!

Jellycat Bashful Cow

The Bashful Cow has light yellow fur, a fluffy tail, and a shy expression. With small, rounded horns and floppy ears, this cow is a great gentle friend for snuggling. 

Jellycat Herbie Highland Cow

Jellycat's Highland Cow has wild fur, impressive horns, and a goofy smile! This crazy cow is bursting with personality. Spice up playtime with this unique cow.

Jellycat Amuseabean Highland Cow

This miniature highland cow is the quirkiest of the bunch! With a round little body, a silly tuft of hair, and a smiling face, this Jellycat Amuseabean is sure to make your little ones giggle.