Jellycat Chicken

Jellycat Chicken

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Introducing your new feathered friends: Jellycat Chickens! Get ready to add farmyard fun to your little one’s stuffed animal crew with these quirky plush pals. These stuffies are ready to roost with super soft feathers. They’re perfect for either snuggles or silly adventures.

Designed by Jellycat with its signature charm and quality, these chickens are ready to be your little one’s treasured companions! They’re made with the best, softest materials and quality craftsmanship to ensure they last a lifetime. 

Choose from our selection of Jellycat Chicken Stuffed Animals, including:

  • Bashful Chicken
  • Nesting Chickies
  • Little Chick and Little Rooster
  • Cluny Cockerel

Bashful Chicken 

Jellycat’s Bashful Collection is one of its most popular, and for good reason! The Bashful Chicken has an adorable face, squishy wings, and a little red tail. This plush chicken is the perfect all-around companion, great for both playtime and naptime. 

Nesting Chickies 

Jellycat’s Nesting collection comes with adorable baby animals and a little nest! The Nesting Chickies come with three baby chicks and a little brown nest. They’ll make the perfect addition to your Jellycat collection either on their own or paired with a Bashful Chicken to make a little farmyard family.

Little Chick and Little Rooster 

The Little Chick and Little Rooster are made with soft, tousled fabric to mimic the appearance of feathers. These plush friends have teeny feet, a little beak, and adorable wings that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Cluny Cockerel

Cluny Cockerel is the king of the barnyard! He shows off bright colors, a feathery green tail, and a little red face. He’ll be the perfect addition to your barnyard squad.

Get ready to cluck and cuddle your way to endless smiles!