Roaring Fun with Jellycat Dragon Stuffed Animals

Welcome to Hazel & Fawn, where we're all about the cutest and most playful Jellycat stuffed animals! Let's dive into the magical world of the Jellycat dragon - the most adorable and friendly dragons you'll ever meet. Are you ready to meet these fantastical creatures? 

Onyx Dragon - The Enchanting Nighttime Companion

Onyx Black Dragon Stuffed Toy

Meet Onyx Dragon, the dragon of the night! With his shimmering black scales and glittering wings, he's the perfect snuggle buddy for your bedtime adventures. Whether you're reading a book under the blankets or drifting off to dreamland, Onyx Dragon will be right there by your side, guarding your sweetest dreams.

Rose Dragon - The Charming Garden Guardian
Rose Colored Stuffed Dragon
Step into a world of blooming wonders with Rose Dragon! Dressed in lovely shades of pink and green, she's the garden's most enchanting protector. If you love flowers and fluttering butterflies, Rose Dragon is your ultimate companion for outdoor explorations. Let her take you on a journey through the magical realms of nature!

Snow Dragon - The Playful Winter Pal
White Colored Dragon Stuffed ToyBrrr, it's chilly outside! But fear not, Snow Dragon is here to bring warmth and joy to the coldest days. With his soft, fluffy white fur and friendly smile, he's the perfect snuggler for snowball fights and snowman-building adventures. Let Snow Dragon be your trusty sidekick in this winter wonderland!

Bashful Dragon - The Shy and Adorable Friend
Bashful Green Stuffed DragonIf you're looking for a dragon with a bashful charm, look no further than Bashful Dragon! This little dragon has the sweetest demeanor, and his silky-soft green fur makes him simply irresistible. He may be shy, but once you get to know him, he'll be your loyal friend forever.

Fuddlewuddle Dragon - The Huggable Cuddle Companion
Green Dragon

Are you ready for some fuddlewuddle fun? Fuddlewuddle Dragon is here to bring joy and laughter to your day! With his squishy tummy and big, round eyes, he's the perfect playmate for all your adventures. Whether it's a tea party in your playroom or a daring quest in a magical kingdom, Fuddlewuddle Dragon will be right there, ready to join in on the fun!

Lallagie Dragon - The Rainbow Magic Maker
White Stuffed Dragon

Get ready for a burst of color with Lallagie Dragon! With her vibrant rainbow wings and sparkly personality, she's like a living rainbow, spreading cheer wherever she goes. Let Lallagie Dragon brighten up your days and add a splash of magic to your playtime!

Little Dragon - The Pocket-Sized Companion
A smaller dragon
Looking for a dragon to carry with you wherever you go? Meet Little Dragon, the tiny, adorable adventurer! Small enough to fit in your pocket, he's the perfect travel buddy for all your on-the-go escapades. With his petite size and big heart, Little Dragon is the ideal friend for those little moments of joy.

Adon Dragon - The Fire-Breathing Cutie
A green dragon with horns
Last but not least, we have Adon Dragon! Don't worry, his fire-breathing is just for show - he's the friendliest dragon you'll ever meet. With his fiery orange scales and playful spirit, he's always up for a thrilling adventure. Join Adon Dragon on an epic journey through your wildest imagination!

At Hazel & Fawn, we're head over heels for these captivating Jellycat dragons! Their magical charm and lovable personalities make them the ultimate companions for kids of all ages.  Dive into the enchanting world of Jellycat dragons and add a touch of magic to your life! Happy dragon bonding!

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