Our Favorite Jellycats Releasing in Summer 2024

Jellycat is always releasing unique stuffed animal designs, and they've struck again! These new Jellycats are irresistible and and perfect for the summer season. You'll love this new collection, whether you're looking for a cute stuffed animal or a funny Amuseable plush.

1. Sky Dragon

jellycat sky dragon plush

First up is the sky dragon! This whimsical stuffie perfectly captures a blue summer sky with fluffy clouds and vibrant rainbows. Its wings, ears, and spikes have been redesigned with super-soft, plush fabric.

Transport your little one to a magical imaginative world with this stuffie. When playtime's over, it's soft enough to cuddle up for a nap!

2. Amuseable Mountain and Amuseable Campfire

jellycat amuseable mountain and campfire funny stuffies

This dynamic duo is perfect for outdoorsy adventurers! They're charming decorations that capture the fun of camping, hiking, and national parks. Add them to your child's toybox or put them up on the shelf to freshen up your decor.

Putting the two together is great for open-ended play and imagination. And, they just look so cute next to each other! They also fit well with Amuseable trees or marshmallows, or any woodland-themed stuffed animal.

3. Sea Animals

jellycat fluffy seahorse and fluffy turtle cutest stuffed animals

What's summertime without a trip to the beach? There are plenty of new ocean stuffed animals coming out this summer! Keep an eye out for Fluffy Seahorse, Fluffy Turtle, Ondre Octopus, and Chrissie Crab for adorable and personality-filled underwater pals.

Out of all of them, we can't get over the fluffy stuffed animals! They're so adorable, and small enough to come on any adventure or fit snug in a toy box. And, they're super soft!

4. Miffy Mothman

jellycat miffy mothman unique stuffed animal

This little cryptid is a truly unique stuffed animal! He has big wings and antennas, a fluffy neck ruff, and a cute little face. He's absolutely full of personality and ready to play!

With Miffy, you can make folklore fun and add whimsy to your child's imaginative worlds. He's a great addition to encourage your child's open-ended roleplay. They can build off his existing lore or create all new stories him!

5. Jellycat Backpacks

jellycat smudge backpacks for toddlers

All new and adorable backpacks are coming out just in time to pack up your summer essentials. The Bartholomew Bear Backpack, Smudge Bear Backpack, and Smudge Rabbit Backpack are the perfect fluffy travel companions.

These bags are designed to look like your plush pal is really holding on to you! Their paws hold your shoulders, and their little faces peek out. And, they go perfectly with matching bag charms!

6. Jellycat Bag Charms

jellycat amuseables peanut bag charm childrens keychain

No outfit is truly complete without a Jellycat keychain! These bite-size pals can go anywhere, on a keyring, bag, belt loop! Whatever you can imagine, they'll be the perfect pals

There are so many adorable ones coming out that it's hard to choose your favorite. The Smudge Bear or Rabbit charm would go so well with the backpacks. The pair of marshmallows is adorable campfire companion.

Our favorite, though, has to be the Amuseables Peanut Bag Charm. The Jellycat peanut is a fan favorite, and for good reason. It's got the cutest face, little feet, and it's just so silly!

Which New Jellycat is Your Favorite?

We've shared our favorites, but there are even more adorable stuffies coming out this summer! We didn't even get to talk about the adorable Amuseable Mushroom or little Hank Hamster. There are too many to choose from!

Tell us which one you're most excited for, and remember to check back in our Jellycat collection to shop for your favorites. These cute stuffed animals come out later this June, so keep an eye out for your top picks!

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