Jogging Strollers and Mental Health : The Connection You Didn't Know About

Adjusting to the life of parenthood can be a stressful time! New mothers can face postpartum depression and a changing body. Both parents can struggle with anxiety, stress, and finding time for personal hobbies. A jogging stroller can be an amazing tool for new parents!

We all strive to make parenthood a fun journey for ourselves and our children. Taking care of yourself is important–happy parents make happy children! Finding a way to incorporate hobbies into your personal and family life can improve your and your family’s mental health.

Exercise and outdoor activities have been proven time and time again to improve our mental health. Regular exercise reduces stress, leads to better sleep, improves depression and mood, and more.

Finding a way to get valuable outdoor time with your newborns or little ones can be a challenge. Enter the jogging stroller: the solution to including your children in your hobbies! Join us as we talk about some ways outdoor exercise with a jogging stroller can benefit your family.

Why a Jogging Stroller Could be Right For You

A jogging stroller can be a great option for any family. Whether you’re a dedicated athlete or just starting, they’re a great tool to get the whole family on the move. 

Leaving your little one at home is the biggest hurdle many parents face when getting started on exercise. Luckily, a jogging stroller solves these problems. You won’t have to take time away from your little one or find a babysitter. Get your little one buckled up, and you’ll be exercising worry-free!

With a jogging stroller, the whole family will benefit from exercise and outdoor time. So, let’s dive into some reasons a jogging stroller can support your family’s health!

1. Exercise for Postpartum Depression and Mental Health

An active lifestyle has been proven time and time again to support mental health and improve quality of life. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins, increases confidence, encourages social interaction, and more. Sleep, energy, and stress levels can all be improved through exercise.

Recent studies have also shown that regular exercise can help treat and prevent postpartum depression. Regular aerobic exercise was the most effective. Of course, exercise should not replace treatment like medication or therapy, but it is a great support tool for new mothers’ mental health.

Exercise can also encourage social interaction. New parents can go on walks or runs together with their jogging stroller. Consistent social interaction and a supportive environment help new parents with feelings of isolation and anxiety.

2. Postpartum Fitness and Body Image

After birth, women’s bodies go into overtime to heal. Easing into an exercise routine after your doctor gives you the clear helps with weight loss, toning abdominal muscles, and promotes better sleep. As we’ve learned, being active helps with mental health, which goes hand-in-hand with body image.

New fathers should also prioritize their fitness and body image! For both parents, it’s easy to get caught up in the busy, sometimes stressful, journey of parenthood. Regular exercise can help you reach your fitness goals, whether it’s losing weight, feeling healthy, or anything in between!

family with uppa baby ridge stroller for jogging

3. Outdoor Play Benefits Child Development

A jogging stroller is a great way to acclimate your child to the outdoors as early as possible. Children learn from their parents, so seeing you have fun exercising outside will help them form a positive relationship with physical activity.

Outdoor activity offers several benefits for your child’s development. Your children will be physically healthier, interested in exploring the world, engage in social interaction, and more. Time outside also gives your child Vitamin D!

Many parents worry about bringing their new baby outside too soon, but new research shows that it’s perfectly safe as long as you take the appropriate precautions. This includes avoiding peak sunshine hours, extreme weather, and crowded spaces. Many jogging strollers come with or have accessories available to help, including sunshades, bug nets, and more.

4. Bonding With Baby

Walks, jogs, and outdoor activities are great opportunities to form a strong bond with your baby. Taking your little one with you on your adventures creates family memories and increases the time you spend with your baby. You can teach them about the world and introduce them to new sights, sounds, and smells!

When you share hobbies with your children from a young age, they’ll be excited to join you as they get older! Enjoy family hikes, activities, and more throughout your little one’s whole childhood.

5. Workout Communities and Social Support

Exercise promotes social interaction, especially in group or guided activities. The friends you make through exercise will help you feel supported and connected to the community throughout your parenting journey. This community will help with mental health, stress, and anxiety.

Your little ones will make friends, too! If you exercise regularly with other new parents, your children are likely to make friends with each other. Maybe your jogs will take you to parks where your little ones can play with other children while you take a breather!

Which Jogging Stroller is Right for Your Family?

If you’ve decided that a jogging stroller is right for your family, the next step is picking the perfect fit. There are so many models to choose from, so where do you start? For a more in-depth look at our favorites, check out our Best Jogging Strollers of 2024. Keep reading for a quick overview of what to look for in a quality stroller for jogging!

family with thule urban glide running stroller

Key Features:

  1. Advanced safety: When you’re going fast, your little ones need to be extra secure! Look for five-point harnesses, hand or foot brakes, wrist straps, and sunshades.
  2. Wheels and suspension: To make the ride smooth for your little ones, pick a stroller with large, tough wheels and a great suspension system. You’ll be able to tackle tough terrain and your little one will ride comfortably!
  3. Comfort: Spacious seats, adjustable handlebars, and handlebar grips make your outings comfortable for everyone in the family.
  4. Storage: Keep everything you need for your outings within arms reach! You’ll probably want a large storage basket and extra pockets for your phone, water bottles, and more.
  5. Convenience: You don’t want to worry about your stroller when you’re outdoors having fun! Great convenience features include easy, compact folding, removable fabrics for easy cleaning, and storage space to keep all your essentials.

Our Recommendations:

  1. BOB Revolution Flex 3.0: This active stroller is a great all-rounder. Users love the feel of its push, its durability, and ease of use. This BOB stroller comes as either a single or double stroller so the whole family can take on the outdoors!
  2. UPPAbaby Ridge V2: This UPPAbaby jogging stroller offers great convenience. Easy folding, removable fabrics, and user-friendly features make every outing a breeze.
  3. Thule Urban Glide 2: If you’re a dedicated athlete or speed demon, check out the Thule jogging stroller! Parents love the suspension and wheels on this model. It tackles any terrain with ease, has a zippered under-seat basket, and weighs less than other models at only 25 pounds.

Start Your Parenthood Fitness Journey Today!

If anything we’ve covered resonates with you, consider investing in a quality jogging stroller. Take care of your mental health, body image, and family bonding time while starting your fitness adventure.

A stroller for jogging helps new parents get out and get active. You can take your little one with you, bond with them, and encourage an early love of the outdoors. Your whole family will feel the benefits of a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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