Jogging Stroller Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

Hitting the pavement with your little co-pilot is a fantastic way to get active and bond. But, let’s be honest, juggling water bottles, keys, and other essentials with an excitable child and a stroller can be too much multitasking for anyone. 

Luckily, innovative jogging stroller accessories can transform your run into a smooth and enjoyable outing for everyone. Meet all your needs for storage, entertainment, and comfort with any add-on you can think of.

Lace up those running shoes and buckle in your little one, because we’re about to go on a journey through the world of jogging stroller accessories!

Weather Protection

If you want to run during any weather or want to be protected from unexpected rain, then accessories for different types of weather are a must-have. Tackle sun, rain, and even mosquito season with ease!

Most jogging stroller brands offer accessories specifically designed to fit their models. You can also find universally sized accessories, but it’s important to measure before buying.

Be sure that you aren’t jogging with children during extreme weather conditions, such as extreme hot or cold, snow, or harsh sun. This is especially important for infants. Always follow your doctor’s advice.

Consider some of these great accessories to get you through any weather:

  • Extendable sunshades: Most brands come with sunshades attached to the stroller, but you can invest in larger ones if needed. Say goodbye to squinting, grumpy passengers with a shade that stretches further to protect them from the sun.
  • Rain shield: Don’t let a little drizzle dampen your fun! A clear, breathable rain shield keeps your little ones cozy and dry. They’re compact and easy to take with you, so you won’t have to cut your run short if it starts raining.
  • Bug shield: Pesky mosquitos? Not on your watch! A breathable mesh shield creates a bug-free zone, letting the breeze in while keeping unwanted critters out.
  • Stroller fan: Beat the heat with a clip-on fan that circulates refreshing air for your little one.

Bonus Tip: Don't forget the sunscreen! Protect both you and your baby's delicate skin with a broad-spectrum, sweat-resistant formula.

child in running stroller with rain shield

Hydration First

No matter what physical activity you do, staying hydrated is the most important part. You’ll always want a water bottle but when you’re pushing a stroller, you won’t have the hands to hold it. Your child probably wants one too, but we all know our children are prone to dropping things.

Some strollers come with pockets perfect for holding water bottles. If yours doesn’t, though, you might need an extra accessory. Luckily, there are plenty of options to keep you and your child hydrated on the go!

  • Stroller cup holder: Clip-on cup holders for both you and your child ensure easy access to hydration without spills.
  • Insulated bottle holders: Keep water cold and milk warm with insulated bottle holders! Some come separate, and some come included in additional storage options.
  • Hands-free hydration pack: For dedicated athletes, you could ditch the water bottle with a hydration pack designed for runners. It’ll keep you cool and your hands free for pushing.

Storage Solutions:

When you’re on the go, you don’t want to juggle all your essentials. Investing in some helpful storage solutions can make any run headache-free. Keep your phone, water, and your baby’s essentials secure and within reach.

  • Stroller organizer: Handy caddies attach to your handlebars, storing essentials like snacks, diapers, and your phone within easy reach.
  • Phone holder: Keep your phone secure and visible for music, tracking your run, or capturing those adorable mid-jog giggles.
  • Stroller hooks: Hang shopping bags, grocery hauls, or even your gym bag handy hookes.

Snack Time, Anytime:

Any parent knows that a hungry kiddo is a grumpy kiddo. Making sure your little one has a full tummy on will ensure your little passengers are happy!

  • Snack tray: A clip-on tray holds spills and crumbs, and keeps little hands occupied!
  • Snack pods, dispensers, or cups: To avoid spills, consider portioning snacks in specially designed, no-spill containers. 

Uppababy ridge snack tray for jogging stroller

Adventure Convenience:

As busy parents, we’re always looking for ways to make our outings easier. From travel bags to car seat compatibility, there are so many ways to make adventures a breeze.

  • Travel bag: Your jogging stroller will be free of scratches and dings with a travel bag
  • Car seat adapter: Transform your jogging stroller into a travel system with an adapter that seamlessly connects your infant car seat, making transitions a breeze.
  • Standing platform: Older siblings who are too big to ride can tag along safely and comfortably with a standing platform that attaches to the back of your stroller.

Personalize Your Jogging Stroller with Accessories!

A happy baby and happy parents makes for a fun jog! Whether you need extra weather protection or adventuring convenience, you’re sure to find the solution you need. Deck out your active stroller and hit the ground running with a smile!

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