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What heirloom can I give my children to treasure and pass on to future generations?

Treasured family heirlooms come in many different forms. Items that mean a lot to one person may not be as special to another. Identifying something to give your children to help them remember who they are, where they came from, and help them carry-on traditions requires some thought and effort. For ideas from others on what you could give your children keep reading.

Yi-Hsian Godfrey

Yi-Hsian Godfrey

Yi-Hsian Godfrey is CEO and co-founder of childcare platform Apiari.

Books for my kids

Inspired by the "Letters to My Younger Self" exercise I did years ago, I started "Letters to Kate" and "Letter to Max" books for my kids when they were born. I jot down letters that simply tell them that I love them. I use these letters to recap a tough lesson they learned about life, themselves, or a particular situation. I note their strengths, uniqueness, and personality [traits] from the womb to the present day. I'm planning on giving them their books when they head off to college and I hope it to be a source of comfort when they need a little reminder of who they are and that they are loved.

Kylie King

Kylie King

Kylie King is a mum to 3 girls ages 4 and under and lives in Australia. She is an award-winning confidence coach, hypnotherapist, #1 best-selling author, and founder of her business, The Phoenix Within.


A perfect gift to keep as a sentimental heirloom would be a scrapbook. I am a mum to three girls and have started their scrapbooks by getting all the photos off my phone and putting them into a book that they can have to look at when they're older and share with their children and grandchildren.

It's the perfect gift. Not only does it help them reminisce about memories they may have forgotten, but it also has journaling in there from me to help jog their memory. As I design each page, a piece of me is shared with them. It brings joy to me to share my thoughts and what I remember from each event. My girls, who are four and two, already like to pull out the scrapbooks I am working on for them.

Michelle Dees

Michelle Dees

Michelle Dees, Owner of Guinea Pig Owner.


My grandad wrote and illustrated a book for me when I was about three years old. When I eventually have kids, I would love to create a book for my kids, as well as leave the book that my grandad wrote for me to them too. Writing a storybook for your kids or grandkids is about as personal as you can get and something that can be passed down through the generations.
Ethan Taub

Ethan Taub

Ethan Taub, CEO of Goalry and Loanry.

Engraved watches

I think a watch is a great heirloom item you can pass on to your children. If the watch is handmade and of good quality, you may be able to keep it in the family for many generations. Your child will look at it and remember fond memories with it. Your children will know that this is a watch you love, and you want them to be able to have time with it too. Time is precious, and as such, the gift of time is something that is irreplaceable. Engraved watches can make them even more personalized too.

Anne Keery

Anne Keery

Anne Keery, Owner & Editor of Unique Gifter.

Recipe book

Gifting is the best opportunity for you to surprise your kids with a meaningful heirloom that they can carry on for generations. It can help spark a new tradition and even keep you in their memory every time they look to it. While there are plenty of keepsakes that hold a lot of value to you, they might not make the best gifts. Get crafty and a little savvy by organizing some of your child’s favorite recipes of yours into a recipe book. This book serves as a practical heirloom that will always keep you close to their hearts.

Simon Elkjær

Simon Elkjær

Simon Elkjær, Chief Marketing Officer, avXperten.


If I were to give my family members gifts that they could keep as heirlooms, it would have to be jewelry and a couple of DIY gifts such as blankets, home decorations, or paintings. I feel like these would be great gifts since it represents my likes, passions, and who I am as a person. It also helps that these types of gifts are proven to last longer than most and could be used on any occasion or placed in any part of one’s home.

[When] the people I love look at these gifts, they’d remember me and I think that’s great.

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