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The Stokke Nomi Newborn Set promotes parent-baby bonding with its raised height design for easily interacting with your little one. Its adjustable positions and gentle bounce make it effortless to move around the house while providing your baby with a cozy, comfortable spot at the center of the family. Create special moments with your little one - start with the Nomi Newborn Set!

  • Adjustable from horizontal to more upright positions.
  • Suited for newborns up until your baby can sit by themselves.
  • Includes 5 point safety harness and washable, reversible textile set.
  • Enables your Stokke Nomi Chair to be used from birth.
  • Fits all Stokke Nomi high chairs.

    Product size : (cm/in):59 x 52 x 82 / 23.2 x 20.5 x 32.3
    Weight : (kg/lbs):1.71 / 3.8
    Suitable for age :from 0 ~ to 6 (months)
    Extended warranty :3 (years)
    Please note : Several short periods in the Stokke Nomi Newborn Set are healthier for your newborn than singular extended periods.