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Sarah's Silks Silk Crowns are shiny, beautiful, and fit comfortably! The elastic back allows them to stretch to fit most head sizes. Hand-painted on luminously textured jacquard silk in their most beloved colorways. Children will love incorporating crowns into daily dress-up and imaginative play!

  • Open-ended play and dramatic play encourage cognitive thinking, physicality, social skills, and emotional development. Appropriate for ages 3+
  • Silk crowns are 21-inches in circumference with an elastic band that stretches to fit most heads. Fits most children ages 3-9 years
  • Hand-painted and silkscreened with earth-friendly dyes
  • Made from 100% pure mulberry silk; biodegradable
  • Care Instructions: Hand-wash with mild shampoo or dish soap and warm water. Hang dry, and iron on medium to restore shine