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Discover the incredible child safety technology of SensAlert and Doona™! SensAlert is designed to keep your child safe in the car, offering multiple alert levels for added security. By working seamlessly with the Doona™ app, SensAlert detects when you move away from your vehicle, ensuring you never leave your child behind. SensAlert is the perfect solution for enhanced child safety. Experience peace of mind on every journey with SensAlert and Doona™!

  • Compatible with most car seats and boosters
  • Share one device with up to 3 users simultaneously
  • 3 alert levels: phone notification, phone call to smartphone, and emergency contacts
  • Set up to 5 emergency contacts in the app
  • Automatic connection to the smartphone’s Bluetooth
  • Low-frequency Bluetooth signal
  • Notification indicating that the device's battery is low
  • Washable textiles