Jellycat Octopus

Jellycat Octopus

Get ready for some ink-redible fun with Jellycat Octopuses! These octo-plushies are super soft and cuddly. With cute, smiling faces, floppy tentacles, and squishy heads, these octopus plushies are ready to make a splash in your little one’s life. They’re perfect for warm cuddles or imaginative play!

Since its founding in 1999, UK-based this brand has prided itself on creating unique, quirky designs with the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship. These stuffed pals have stolen hearts around the world by creating durable plushies that become cherished lifelong companions. Pick yours up today!

Choose from our selection of Jellycat Octopuses, including:

  • Classic Octopuses
  • Obbie Octopus
  • Cozy Crew Octopus

Classic Octopuses

These classic stuffed octopuses come in lots of colors and sizes! Whether you want a large plush octopus or a teeny tiny baby, this brand has you covered! With black, pink, blue, and green options, there’s a color that every little one will love. These octo-pals have eight twisty and velvety tentacles and a squishy, huggable head.

Obbie Octopus

For a subtle twist on a classic, look no further than Obbie Octopus! This goofy guy has an even floppier head and silly, buggy eyes that are sure to make your little one giggle. With soft red fur and the biggest smile of all the octopuses, Obbie is ready to join your little one’s toybox!

Cozy Crew Octopus

This little pink octopus comes with a green knit sweater, so he’s ready to roll on all your little one’s wildest adventures! Small enough to hold and warm in his sweater, the Cozy Crew Octopus is ready to join your errands or be a cozy cuddle buddy.