Plastic, Meet Wood: The Case for Making the Switch to Wooden Toys

In the wide world of toys, plastic has reigned supreme for years. Plastic toys gained popularity because of their cheap price tag, bright colors and flashing lights, and trendiness. They’re so attention-grabbing that it’s no surprise plastic toys became a fast favorite.

However, parents have started pushing back against fad baby toys and opting for timeless, natural toys. New research shows that wooden toys, specifically, have more developmental benefits than plastic toys. They’re also safer and more durable.

Now, toys that bring simplicity and calm in an overwhelming world are becoming parents’ top picks. Let’s take a look at the run-down of why you should consider switching to wood toys!

1. Wooden Toys Are Safer

If we’re comparing safety, wood toys beat plastic toys in a landslide. Plastics contain harmful chemicals like BPA, PVC, and phthalates that leech out over time. In comparison, wooden toys are natural and non-toxic.
Their better durability also means toys made of wood won’t hurt your little ones with sharp, broken edges or small choking hazards. Check out our breakdown of why wood toys are safe for babies to learn even more!

2. Wood is Eco-Friendly

High-quality wooden toy companies practice eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing. Of course, not every toy is the same, so research individual brands before purchasing! 

In general, though, wood toys are more environmentally friendly than plastic for lots of reasons. Wood is recyclable and biodegradable. And, its manufacturing creates very little to no pollution compared to plastic.

Durable wood toys also help avoid overconsumption and waste. You’ll save money with toys that last and send fewer cheap toys to the dump.

3. Timeless Appeal

Unlike plastic, wood toys have an enduring charm that never goes out of style. Many plastic toys are modeled after popular culture trends that simply don’t last. These toys don’t become cherished family heirlooms and often aren’t passed down.

In comparison, a wooden block set, wood animals, or other wood playsets never go out of style. Every child can build with blocks or wooden animals, but not every child will know what character a plastic action figure is.

4. Better Durability

Wood toys take the win in the battle of durability. As long as they’re made with real hardwood, and not composite (MDF) wood, they’ll withstand playtime much better than plastic toys.

They don’t crack, fade, or break nearly as easily as their plastic counterparts. They’ll last through your kiddo’s whole childhood!

5. More Appealing Texture

Natural textures invite exploration through touch, enhancing tactile development

Wooden Toy Montessori Counting Puzzle

in children. It’s also been shown to have calming effects on our kiddos rather than overstimulating them.

6. Montessori and Encouraging Imagination

The simple, open-ended nature of wood toys encourages imaginative play and follows the Montessori Method. Unlike most plastic toys, there are no rules for how they should be played with. They typically aren’t characters with existing personalities and don’t come with a manual.

With these toys, children can use their imagination as much as they want. Some are even designed to help with specific areas of development, like fine motor skills and critical thinking, while having fun playing!

7. They're Quieter!

Parents, this one’s a win for you! Wood toys don’t come with speakers, flashing lights, or other built-in electronics. Your home will be a bit calmer during playtime and your little one will feel less overstimulated.

8. Affordability

The upfront cost of wood toys may be higher than plastic, but they save you money in the long run. They last much longer than plastic, both with durability and by holding your little one’s attention longer. So, you won’t be replacing toys as often.

And, if you follow Montessori Methods, less is more! Quality over quantity really makes a difference in children’s development and attention span.

Shift to Wood Toys

In an overwhelming and busy modern world, we’re always looking for ways to slow down and reconnect with nature. Children’s wood toys are a great way to help your children developmentally while having fun. They’re a more durable, timeless, and safer option!

You’ll love wooden toys, too. They’re quieter and save you money in the long run. And, you’ll be able to save your little one’s toys for their own future children!

So, consider adding a high quality wooden toy to your child’s toy box and watch their imagination run wild!  Do you want to learn more about crafting your childrens toy collection.  Read The Power of Make-Believe: How Stuffed Animals Enhance Pretend Play

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