Finding the Best Stroller Accessories for Your Family

Hitting the town as an independent parent is a huge deal! You have everything you need: coffee in hand, snacks for the kids, and the perfect stroller to keep everyone cozy and happy. There’s just one thing you’re missing – a cup holder for that coffee! You go to put your coffee on the ground to attend to your baby and – surprise! - you feel raindrops on your back, threatening your almost-perfect day at the park. 

Stokke 100% Muslin Cotton Stroller Blanket

This is where stroller accessories come into play. Finding the right stroller accessory can take your outings as a family from good to great. Items like cup holders and rain covers will help you feel organized and confident when you venture out with your little ones. 

Why Do I Need Stroller Accessories

These days, baby products are more functional than ever, and finding the right stroller accessory could be the key to a more productive travel experience. If your stroller is becoming more cumbersome than helpful, it’s not worth having!

3 reasons we think everyone needs great stroller accessories are:

  1. Ease transitions for growing families 
  2. Improve organization
  3. Increase comfort and functionality 

Stroller Accessories for Growing Families

UPPAbaby Piggyback Stroller Accessory

Going from one to two children is a huge adjustment, and adding more kids after that just adds to the excitement! A great stroller accessory could help your family make that transition smoother and take some of the weight off your shoulders. For example, a stroller board could be the key to juggling walks with your baby and curious toddler who might not want to walk 100 percent of the time.

We love this UPPAbaby Piggyback accessory that is compatible with the brand’s stroller systems. There is a different Piggyback for each style stroller.  This stroller board is a great solution for a little one that might just want to hitch a ride every now and then without being too constrained. Stroller boards just snap onto the stroller to provide a standing place for toddlers so they can take breaks as needed. This type of stroller attachment is perfect for all sorts of family outings to keep everyone safe and happy! 

Best Stroller Accessory for Organization

UPPAbaby VISTA/CRUZ Cup Holder & Snack Tray & Carry-All Organizer Set

Organization is key, especially when you’re trying to juggle bottles, toddler snacks, diapers, and all the things that come with parenting. This stroller organizer from UPPAbaby is great for parents and eliminates the need to carry a purse or personal backpack. The set also comes with a stroller snack tray and stroller cup holder, keeping all of your baby’s mealtime essentials close even when you’re on the go. 

Ensuring Your Child’s Comfort and Meeting Their Needs

Stroller accessories are also great for helping your child be comfortable and content in their stroller for a longer amount of time. From temperature regulation to storage for their toys for playtime, keeping everything comfortable and easy makes it much more likely you’ll have a successful outing. We love this Muslin Stroller Blanket for chilly nights and this Stroller Seat Inlay for Stokke strollers. Both keep things nice and cozy! 

Why Do I Need a Stroller Cover

UPPAbaby G-Series Rain Shield Baby Stroller Accessory

Stroller covers help keep your little one safe and comfortable during their ride. There are three main types of stroller covers, all of which have their place in travel and everyday life.

3 Types of Stroller Covers

  1. Rain stroller covers
  2. Stroller covers for bugs
  3. Travel stroller bags 

Stroller Covers for Rain

No one likes getting wet in the rain! Having a stroller cover for different types of weather is essential because you simply never know when you’re going to run into a flurry in the winter or a surprising summer storm. There are rain stroller covers like this UPPAbaby Rain Shield for a regular shower, and there are also more heavy-duty stroller covers to protect against wind, rain, and temperature changes.

Mosquito Net Stroller Covers 

Stokke Stroller Mosquito Net

There are many things to love about spring and summer, but the return of bugs isn’t one of them! Mosquitoes and other insects can be irritating to your child, and your little one may walk away with some nasty bites. That’s why having a bug stroller cover is important; you can spend all that valuable time outside in beautiful weather without dealing with the itchy aftermath. 

Best Stroller Covers for Travel 

Whether you’re hopping in the car for a road trip or boarding an airplane for a longer adventure, a travel stroller bag is essential for any stroller owner. Your stroller is valuable, and damaging it during travel is not an option. Most brands offer travel stroller covers specifically designed to fit their different stroller models, and we highly recommend purchasing one. 

Travel stroller covers and bags made by the same brand as your stroller are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your folded stroller. Most of these stroller bags have easy-to-carry handles and are certified by airlines to pass travel restrictions. Just in case, check with your airline about the best travel stroller bag options to avoid mishaps. 

Travel stroller covers can also be used in the car to avoid messes. Not only do they protect your stroller from scratches and wear and tear it may encounter during travel, but they protect your car from dirty wheels.

Stroller Accessories for Safety 

UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller Wheel Reflector

Finally, safety is most important and is on every parent’s mind during travel with their little one. Finding stroller accessories that ensure your child’s safety is great for your peace of mind. There are enough anxieties present as a parent, so if something as simple as a stroller accessory can take one off your plate, that’s awesome! 

First, we love these wheel reflectors for strolling during dusk or dark. Even if you’re not planning to, you never know when you might get trapped in the dark during a late excursion. Wheel reflectors ensure cars will always see you and your baby, providing an extra layer of protection. 

Second, it’s important to make sure all your stroller and car seat parts are compatible if you end up with different brands. Fortunately, many companies make adapters so that you can fit different car seats on different strollers. Always be sure to do your research when it comes to these types of stroller accessories because safety always comes first. 

Stylish Stroller Accessories

Stokke Stroller Seat Inlay

Finally, some stroller accessories are just for fun and style! With certain purchases like handlebar covers, basket covers, and different color sunshades, it’s easy to keep your stroller looking fresh and matching your and your baby’s personalities. 

Whether you’re looking for stroller accessories for fashion or functionality, Hazel & Fawn has tons of options for families of all shapes and sizes. 

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