Jellycat Soft Plush Animals in Shades of Green


 Cream Amore Cat


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Jellycat Montgomery Panda Children's Stuffed Animal Plush Toy black and white


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Your little ones will love Jellycat’s collection of soft little animals and silly plush food toys. Striving to create unique options for children that will stand out in a vast world of toys, this UK-based company has been bringing smiles to the faces of families since 1999. With a mission to use their wildest imaginations to provide quirky and unique designs, these stuffed animals will bring love and laughter to your baby or toddler.

Jellycat excels at combining beautiful, high-quality fabrics with cute and quirky designs, and we’re honored to offer one of the largest collections of Jellycat stuffed animals around. We love their belief in encouraging your baby or toddler’s growth and development through fun, imaginative experiences. From the traditional stuffed teddy bear to plush versions of fruits and veggies, you can introduce your little one to a whole new world of exciting exploration. And with new Jellycat designs launching twice a year, the fun and exploration will never stop!

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Experience the most sought-after products from Jellycat, including:

  • Amusables Collection
  • Stuffed animals
  • Food
  • Mythical creatures 

Amusables Collection 

Fill your little one’s days with silly stuffed inanimate objects that are sure to make them giggle. They’ll learn and explore as they play with happy-faced inanimate objects like potted plants, juice bottles, cheese wedges, and more from Jellycat’s Amusables Collection. You can encourage imaginative play while fostering a love for their fruits and vegetables with this fun line of plush toys that are sure to make you giggle, too!

Stuffed Animals

Jellycat doesn’t create your average stuffed animal collection. Their luxurious fabrics and wide array of critters set them apart from other toy companies. You’ll find everything from farm animals and jungle buddies to ocean friends and mythical creatures. Your child’s imagination will be limitless with these adorably cuddly animals.

We invite you to visit our cuddly collection of soft toys from Jellycat. Find the perfect silly plushy for any special occasion or simply just because.