Best Stroller Wagons of 2023

Stroller wagons have exploded in popularity, and for good reason! For on-the-go families with multiple little ones in tow, a wagon can be a great tool for making every outing fun for everyone. Whether you’re toting multiple kiddos or want extra space to lug anything from groceries to outdoor gear to daily essentials, we’ve rounded up some of the best options on the market.

With so many models and features to choose from, exploring the world of stroller wagons can be a daunting task. Do you need two or four seats? All-terrain wheels? How much storage space does your family use? 

To make it a bit easier, we’ll first talk about some of the key features to consider when choosing a wagon for your kids. Then, we’ll break down our top picks to help you make the best decision for your family.

Key Features of the Best Stroller Wagons

If you’re starting to feel like a traditional stroller isn’t meeting your family’s needs, then a stroller wagon is the answer to everything you’re missing. These stylish rides are at the top of the market right now for blending the maneuverability of a traditional stroller with all the added benefits of a wagon. 

Weight and Storage Capacity

Parents love stroller wagons for their ability to carry all their essentials. Many models have storage compartments in all parts of the wagon, have removable seats for extra storage, or offer accessories to expand storage space. 

A traditional stroller might not be able to carry everything you need, leaving you lugging extra bags or gear. With a stroller wagon, though, you can toss in everything you need while having it in arm’s reach.

If you tend to travel with a lot of gear, whether it’s for hiking, a day at the beach, or maybe even medical gear for special needs children, look for a wagon with a high overall weight capacity.

Seating Options and Comfort

For a pair of siblings, a wagon stroller for 2 will perfectly fit your family. If you have more children, or sometimes bring along your little one’s cousins or friends, then a 4-seater wagon is right for you.

Most stroller wagons are used between the ages of 1-5, but many are compatible with car seats with the extra purchase of adapters, so you can use a wagon with an infant. If you have a newborn and a toddler, this would be a great option for you!

Also, pay attention to the individual weight limit on each seat. If you want the most life out of your wagon, look for one with a higher weight capacity so your little ones can ride well into toddlerhood!

Some strollers are also customizable for your little one’s comfort. For a long trip, choosing a model that features removable seats and a mattress insert lets kiddos nap so they can be full of positive energy. Some seats are raised, can recline, or have extra padding so your little ones stay comfortable all day.

Wheels and Maneuverability

How a wagon drives, and what terrain it can handle, can make or break the experience! If your family is super active, then the right wagon can tackle all sorts of terrain, from soft beach sand to hard, bumpy trails. 

Look out for wheel type, swivel, and whether the wagon is push or pull. All factors come together to create the smoothest ride possible. Extra features like convenient foot brakes, suspension, and bearings make the ride even smoother.

Convenience and Versatility

What’s convenient is different for each family. If you have messy kiddos, then removable and washable fabric can make cleanup less of a headache. For families that transport their wagon, a quick and compact fold makes moving and storing the wagon easy.

Being able to use your wagon for more than just transporting little ones also extends the product’s life and makes it more convenient to use. Some wagons can double as a bench for the whole family. Others have removable seats and mattress inserts so your little ones can either sit up or nap. The possibilities are endless, so choose one that works for everything you could need it for!


Who doesn’t want to ride in style? There’s a variety of aesthetic options to choose from, whether you’re more drawn to a sleek and simple design or vibrant colors and patterns. Even though looks don’t affect performance, your little ones will have more fun in their wagon if they love how it looks. And, you’ll be the most stylish parent around!

Our Picks for Best Stroller Wagons of 2023

Now that we’ve explored some features to look out for, let’s take a look at our top picks!

  • Best Overall: WonderFold W4 Stroller Wagon Luxe
  • Best on a Budget: WonderFold X2 and X4 Stroller Wagon
  • Best for Adventuring: Veer Cruiser Wagon
  • Best Luxury and Aesthetics: VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon

Best Overall

WonderFold W4 Stroller Wagon Luxe

There’s so much to love about this top of the line vehicle. Brought to you by WonderFold, a well-established stroller wagon brand, the W2 and W4 Luxe models offer removable elevated seats and fabric with a single rider option.

For on-the-go families, this wagon also has XL all-terrain wheels, suspension and bearings, and an adjustable handlebar and canopy. This model has everything you and your little ones need to have a smooth, comfortable ride.
This wagon also comes equipped with all the storage space you could need! The safety is top of the line, with magnetic seat belts, 5-point harnesses, and mesh panels for ventilation. Overall, this model checks every box for essential features of a great stroller wagon.


  • Easy fold
    WonderFold W4 Stroller Wagon Luxe
  • Plenty of storage
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Removeable seats and fabric
  • All-terrain capabilities
  • High overall weight capacity and seat capacity


  • Large when folded
  • Weight: 55lbs for the W2 or 63lbs for the W4 
  • Price: $659 for the W2 $899 for the W4 

Think this is the right pick for your family? Check out the W2 Luxe or W4 Luxe today!

Love these features, but looking to save? The W2 Elite or W4 Elite only sacrifice the XL all-terrain wheels, magnetic seatbelts, and leather handlebar.

Best on a Budget

Wonderfold X2 and X4 Stroller Wagon

If you’re looking to save without sacrificing the functionality of a good stroller wagon, this model is right for you! As a push-and-pull stroller wagon, the X2 and X4 offer great, versatile manueverability.

Because of the smaller size, you do sacrifice a bit of storage space. The trade-off for a lighter, more manageable frame might be worth it if you aren’t toting a lot of equipment. You won’t have to sacrifice any safety features, though! These wagons come with five-point harnesses and foot brakes.


WonderFold X2 Stroller Wagon Two Seater Wagon Stroller
  • Push and pull capabilities
  • Lighter weight: 34lbs for the X2 or 41lbs for the X4
  • Price: $399 for the X2 or $495 for the X4


  • Less storage
  • Lower weight capacity
  • No all-terrain wheels

Shop the X2 and X4 today!

Best for Adventuring

Veer Cruiser Wagon

You won’t find a better adventure buddy than the Veer Cruiser! This amazong stroller wagon is top-of-the-line for its all-terrain capabilities and push, pull, or pull-along steering. The wide wheelbase and rugged tires keep your your kiddos riding smooth!

And, this Veer wagon stroller will keep your little ones safe, meeting ASTM safety standards and being JPM certified. With an easy one-touch foot brake, 3-point safety harnesses, and vented passenger seats, you won’t have to worry about your little one’s safety.

Besides its ability to tacke any adventure, this model is super customizable to your needs! It comes with two cup holders and a snack and drink tray. Other optional accessories, like the infant nap system, car seat adapters, and additional storage means you can pick and choose everything your family needs.

Finally, this wagon is super convenient to use. The material is hose-washable and, because it’s lightweight and has a compact fold, it’s one of the easiest strollers to transport. If you can sacrifice the storage capacity, then this will be a great option for you!


  • Unmatched all-terrain capability and manueverability
    Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon All-Terrain
  • Hose washable
  • Easy, compact fold
  • Lightweight at 32lbs
  • Lots of accessories available


  • Less storage capacity
  • Lower to the ground
  • Canopy not included
  • Doesn’t double as a bench or play area like other wagons can

Pick up the Veer Cruiser today and say hello to your new adventure pal!

Best Luxury and Aesthetics

WonderFold VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon

If you’re looking to combine all the functionality and features of the previous models with the luxury of premium materials and gorgeous design, this wagon is for you! The VW4 has everything you love from the other models with unique features and stylish design.

This model boasts functioning headlights, even more storage than the previous models, and a front zippered door so your kidds can easily get in and out. It also features all terrain wheels, a foot brake, easy folding, and removable fabric and seats. 

Besides its amazing features, the Volkswagen Stroller Wagon is gorgeously designed to replicate a vintage Volkswagen bus. This nostalgic, retro-inspired design, classic colors, and white accents will catch everyone’s eye when you’re strolling out and about!

WonderFold VW4 Volkswagen Stroller Wagon Retro Aesthetic


  • Functioning headlights
  • Reclining, raised, and removable seats and fabrics
  • Tons of storage
  • Premium materials
  • Aesthetics


  • Pull only
  • Heaviest model at 65lbs
  • Most expensive model at $1,599.00

In love with this gorgeous stroller wagon? Shop the VW4 Volkswagen today!

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