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Experience the Wonderfold Wagon 2-seater, the upgraded version of a beloved family favorite. This remarkable stroller wagon takes everything you love about the X2 and elevates it to new heights with added comfort and convenience features. Here's what makes the Wonderfold Wagon 2-seater truly exceptional:

  • Wonderfold Wagon 2-seater: Upgraded family favorite
  • Enhanced comfort with magnetic harnesses and extra pads
  • Adjustable vegan leather handlebars for all heights
  • Easy maneuverability with push or pull handles
  • Lightweight frame for assistance
  • One-handed pull option for multitasking
  • Exceptional safety with 5-point magnetic harness
  • Convenient magnetic buckles for easy strapping
  • Accommodates 2 passengers
  • Versatile push-and-pull options for any terrain
  • Super light aluminum frame (34 lbs)
  • Weight capacity: 150 lbs
  • Perfect for shopping trips or petting zoo visits

Upgrade your family outings with the Wonderfold Wagon 2-seater and indulge in unmatched comfort, convenience, and safety.