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Experience the ultimate ride in style with the Wonderfold Wagon W2 Luxe. This stroller wagon is equipped with extra-large all-terrain wheels, making it perfect for nature walks or beachfront strolls.

Key features of the Wonderfold Wagon W2 Luxe include:

  • Stylish vegan leather handlebars
  • Reclining seats for maximum comfort
  • Customizable pieces for a personalized setup
  • Adjustable handlebars, canopies, and side mesh ventilation
  • Upgraded convenience features like magnetic buckles and all-terrain wheels

Additional specifications of the Wonderfold Wagon W2 Luxe:

  • Side mesh ventilation to keep little ones cool
  • All-terrain wheels suitable for any surface
  • Capacity for two children
  • Product weight: 55 lbs.
  • Weight limit: 200 lbs.

Hazel & Fawn provides top-of-the-line stroller wagons for parents on the go. Experience safety and luxury in one beautiful package with the Wonderfold Wagon W2 Luxe.