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Together with board-certified otorhinolaryngologists, we were able to develop the ideal sound pitch for this Grape rattle toy, one that will soothe newborns down rather than overstimulate them. Amazing textures & intricacies that will assist engage a baby's senses when they're playing with them!

  • Sound made from up-cycled cherry seeds

Washing and Handling

  • Simply use a moist towel and soapy water to clean your item.
  • Avoid sterilization and refrigerator storage.
  • Keep your toys in a dry location. Toys, like any natural product, may begin to mold if stored in a damp environment.
  • Between uses, air drying is advised.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or artificial light as the color may fade.
  • Each toy is unique. Small flaws are what give our products their individuality because they are all handcrafted one at a time.
  • The product's volume and shape may change depending on temperature changes.
  • Before handing the toy to your child, take off the packing and any tags.