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These gorgeous baskets are hand woven in northern Ghana in the Bolgatanga region by traditional basket weavers.

These moses baskets are the perfect little bed for your newborn.

  • Product is recommended for use until your baby is 3-4 months, 20lbs and/or when baby can roll over, push up or crawl.  Stop use immediately when any of these limits are met
  • Care: If basket gets out of shape submerge in water and re-shape as needed.  Trim off any stray grass with scissors
  • Do not place baskets on tables, counters or any other elevated surfaces.
  • While these baskets are very sturdy DO NOT move or carry the basket with your baby inside of it. 
  • Only use a firm mattress less than 3" tall that fits snuggly with in the basket with no gaps.  You should NEVER add a pillow, padding, bumper pads or comforters