Hazel Village Dress Up Clothes for Stuffed Dolls and Animals white linen shirt

Dress Ups for Dolls and Animals

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Adorable dress up clothes and accessories for Hazel Village dolls and Animals! Comes packed in a little box for easy storage.

  • Costumes and outfits fit all 14" animals and dolls by Hazel Village
  • Washing instructions: If your Hazel Village friend gets a little grubby, we recommend the following: First, try spot cleaning with a sponge. If that's not enough, try hand washing in hot soapy water. Rinse well, squeeze all the water out, and air dry. If necessary, you can wash your animal in the machine on the most gentle cycle. We suggest dressing it in one of our rompers, to protect their necks and extremities, then placing it in a delicates bag before it takes the plunge. You can machine dry it on low, but be careful - the stuffing may clump. Wool friends can only be washed by hand.

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