Empathy Game

Empathy Game

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Feelings are a child’s gateway into the world and our window into their world. And knowing their own feelings allows kids to recognize those feelings occurring for other people. Twenty five pairs of sturdy card tiles use facial expressions and body language to illustrate brave, sad, worried, surprised, amazed, etc. With ideas for use at play and in the classroom. Produced using recycled cardboard, reusable tins, and soy-based ink, and designed by three parents who value meaningful play.
  • The Feeleez empathy game is appropriate for ages 2-102 years.
  • The cute tin box is pleasing to hold and easily transportable and the cards are printed on recycled cardboard using soy-based ink.
  • Designed and illustrated by the Feeleez team of parents.
  • Voted "Best Natural Toy" in Mothering magazine.

Great for:

  • anti-bullying programs
  • therapy setting
  • classrooms
  • pre-schools
  • child care centers
  • use with non-violent communication
  • use with natural parenting strategies
  • foreign language development (Feeleez cards are purposely NOT LABELED so that they are accessible in any language)
  • speech pathology
  • building connection
  • family fun nights
  • kids on the spectrum

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