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Bring more of the world to little ones with Wee Gallery Wall Graphics. The oversized, self-adhesive, removable decals can be repositioned with no damage to walls and ample capacity for a child's imagination - just peel and stick to create custom wallscapes.
  • Jungle pack includes one 11" lion, three 7" monkeys, one 3" butterfly, and 70 various sized landscape pieces – vines, leaves, flowers and bushes.
  • Garden pack includes one 8" squirrel, two 6.5" dragonflies, one 3" dragonfly, one 6" bird, one 4" worm, and 44 garden scenery accessories - flowers, trails, bird song, vines, and more.
  • Sea pack includes one 11" turtle, one 7" turtle, two 6" sea horses, two 4-6" stingrays, 10 various sized green and orange seaweed, and 30 various-sized bubbles.
  • Safari pack includes one 9" giraffe, one 16" giraffe, one 4" zebra, one 6" zebra, one 6.5" lion, one 4.5" sun, and 21 various sized landscaping pieces - clouds, trees, grass, and more.
  • Birdie Banner pack includes 15 flags and 79 letters, giving you more than enough room for 'happy birthday', 'i love you' or even the longest name!
WARNING: Once your baby is able to sit up, he/she may reach for the Wee Gallery wall graphics. If they are peeled off the wall they can become a choking hazard. Please make sure the graphics are installed far away from baby's reach, or make sure the baby is monitored at all times. Thanks for being safe!