Jellycat Cat

Jellycat Cat

Whether you’re looking for a sweet and soft companion or a ferocious wildcat to take on adventures, the Jellycat Cat Collection has you covered! With a varied selection of feline friends to choose from, there’s something for every cat lover in this collection.

Jellycat stuffed animals have been made in London since 1999 and are some of the softest stuffed animals around. These plushies are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure your stuffed friend will last through all your child’s wildest adventures. Jellycat believes in creating unique stuffed animals that will capture your heart, making it a well-loved toy brand all over the world.

Chose from our selection of Jellycat Cats, including:

  • Bashful Cats
  • Wild Cats
  • Amore Cat
  • Knitten Kitten
  • Kitten Caboodle
  • Sleepy Cats

Bashful Cats

Jellycat’s bashful stuffed animals are some of their most popular designs! With super soft fur, a shy expression, and delightful floppiness, these little guys make the perfect companion. Choose from a bashful kitten, lion, or even tiger!

Wild Cats

These crazy critters make great companions for your little one! They can be wild and adventurous during playtime but are also soft and cuddly enough to sleep with. With three sizes to, there’s a jungle cat companion to fit every little one! Choose from Livi the Leopard, Sacha the Snow Tiger, or Charley the Cheeta!

Amore Cats

The Amore collection has sleepy eyes, chubby bodies, and super soft fur. The silly expression on this cat’s face is sure to make your little one giggle! They’re available in two colors and sizes.

Knitten Kitten 

The Knitten Kitten is ready to go in an adorable knit sweater! With three sweater colors to choose from, this adorable plush kitten can match your little one’s outfit. Perfect for tagging along for errands on a chilly day or cuddling up under a blanket.

Kitten Caboodle 

Round with tiny ears and a long tail, the Kitten Caboodles are sure to steal your heart! These tiny kittens are available in three colors and are small enough for little ones to easily hold and play with. 

Sleepy Cats

The variety of cozy, sleepy cats Jellycat offers will be the perfect companions for nap time! There’s a Snuggler Cat with a little sleeping bag, a Bashful Tiger Soother, and even Cosie Kitten with a knitted blanket. If none of these catch your attention, there’s even a Rock-A-Bye Kitten with a little basket or a Napping Nipper Cat with its own bed. With soft fur and plush bodies, these sleepy kitty plushies will help soothe your little one at bedtime.

Whether you're looking for big or small, wild or calming, or somewhere in between, Jellycat Cats are the purrrfect choice for your little one!